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Development of tourism


About development of tourist branch of Kostanay region 

Tourism in the Kostanay region is considered as an industry capable of creating a multiplicative effect in the development of the regional hospitality industry, and in some territories it can become the basis of plans for social and economic development.

         The main areas for the region are:

         Domestic tourism - medical and recreational, business, social, cultural and cognitive, adventure;

         Inbound tourism - cultural, cognitive, adventure and ecotourism.

         In January-March 2017, the dynamics of the growth of the main indicators of tourism development is observed in the region. The number of objects dealing with the placement of visitors for the first quarter of this year was 120 units, which is 14% more than the same period in 2016.

        The volume of services provided by placements has increased by 31% and amounted to 223.3 million tenge. The number of rooms increased by 13.4% and amounted to 2016 units.

         The services of these accommodation facilities for three months of this year benefited about 30,000 citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an increase of 25.5% compared to the same period of last year, the number of foreigners increased by 58.2% and amounted to 3,110 people.

         In the current year, 14.3 million tenge was allocated from the regional budget for the development of tourist activities. Within the framework of allocated funds, the following activities are planned:

         Development of a video about the tourist potential of the region;

         Regional tourist exhibition with the participation of the regions of the Republic and the border regions of the Russian Federation;

         Development of master plan for tourism development in Kostanay region;

         Manufacturing of souvenirs.

         In 2017, 7 projects will be implemented in the tourism sector, totaling KZT 468 million with the creation of 77 new jobs including:

-          "Construction of a restaurant and hotel complex" Usadba "in Kostanay;

-          "Construction of a restaurant and hotel complex" Palace of the Sultan "in Kostanay;

-          "Construction of the Shanyrak hotel in, Naurzum district;

-          "Construction of a hotel" in Denisovskiy district;

-          "Reconstruction of the hotel" in Taranovskiy district;

-          "Reconstruction of the recreation center" White Yurt "in Kostanai district;

-          "Reconstruction of the recreation center" 7 Fridays "in Kostanai district;

-          "Reconstruction of the hotel" in Amangeldy district.

In the region there are 126 subjects engaged in tourist activities, including 16 tour operators and 110 travel agents. To a greater extent, the activities of these enterprises are directed to outbound tourism.

At the same time, our region has all the prerequisites for the development of inland and inbound tourism: favorable geographic location, vast territory and diverse landscapes, rich cultural and historical heritage, living traditions.

         The therapeutic and recreational area is represented by the picturesque resort area of ​​Altynsarinsky district, where the sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor" is located in the health resort of our region. Here are located: recreation and entertainment complex "Dzhailyau KZ", recreation centers "Selena", "Derevenka in boru" and 3 large recreation camps for children.

         The most interesting for tourists is the sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor", which is visited not only by the residents of the region, but also by the whole republic, as well as by the CIS countries and far abroad.

The number of places in the sanatorium includes 277 rooms, 577 beds, in addition, for family and group recreation there are 3 cottages. Annually the sanatorium serves about 12 thousand visitors.

         Near the sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor" the health complex "Jailau" is actively developing. The number of accommodation is 63 rooms, 200 beds. Annually this object is visited by about 2 thousand people.

In addition, in the resort area there are 3 large recreation camps for children, in which more than 2.7 thousand children from different regions of the Republic annually rest.

Most of the facilities are provided with water, gas, heat, electrical networks and facilities.

         The communication with tourist objects is carried out by means of highways.

         Also in Auliekol, Mendykarinsky and Taranovsk districts there are all prerequisites for health and recreational tourism.

If we talk about the development of cultural and educational tourism, which includes visits to attractions, museums, historical and architectural monuments, then of course the bulk of them are concentrated in the regional center. At the same time, in regions and cities of the region there are objects interesting to the tourist.

         For example, in an area of ​​30 km from Lisakovsk there is an archaeological complex. During the excavations there were found about one and a half burial structures (stone fences and barrows), as well as large settlements of the Bronze Age tribes.

         On the territory of the southern regions of the region there are monuments of history and culture of the Kazakh people, such as: Mausoleums and mazars in the cemetery of the village of Amangeldy, Satubaldy-Ishana mausoleum, Dyna, Mazar Zhauke-Batyr, "Kyz-Tama", etc.

         Considering pilgrim tourism, it is necessary to take into account that in the Denisovskiy district there is a prospect for the development of this direction. On the territory of the rural district there is a unique archaeological complex dating from the 17th to 16th centuries. BC.

         The monument is named "Kaz.RAK" - Kazakhstan Arkaim, and in people called Arkaim-2, because both in time and culture, our monument coincides with the settlement in the Chelyabinsk region.

         The southern regions of the region (Amangeldinsky, Zhangeldinsky, Naurzumsky and Arkalyk) possess the greatest potential for the development of cultural and educational tourism, in which many elements of everyday life and customs of the Kazakh people were preserved. In these areas there are a lot of monuments of the history of the region and the Kazakh ethnos. There are also preserved ancient Kazakh crafts (making yurts, national tools, etc.), which certainly represents value for tourists, who are attracted by the study of everyday life and customs of other peoples.

It is possible to develop open-air museums - the Kazakh village, where you can see with your own eyes how to prepare national dishes and try them. You can see and participate in national games and competitions (baiga, kazaksha-kures, kokpar, kyz kuu, etc.), get acquainted with the craft of making yurts, felt carpets, etc. Such museums are very popular all over the world.

         Creation of yurt hotels, where the target group for accommodation will be mainly foreign tourists, for whom familiarization with the local culture will be most interesting. In order to visit these regions in 2016, tourist company "BEST kz" developed a tour route "Unexpected Torgai", which includes In itself visiting of monuments, museums, Torgai geoglyphs and so on.

         To develop this area of ​​tourism in these areas, it is necessary to build observation platforms, guest houses, and engineering communications.

In addition to historical attractions, there is a large number of lakes, rivers and hunting grounds. This factor contributes to the development of adventure tourism - fishing, hunting, active recreation.

What is necessary for the improvement of water bodies’ piers, inventory, guest and hunting lodges.

         You can also do recreational tourism, because there are hot springs.

One of the most interesting sights of the Kostanay region is the Naurzum State Nature Reserve, which is a UNESCO site.

         The diversity and richness of untouched wilderness allows us to develop the region's ecological tourism here.

         There are 6 sightseeing trails on the territory of the reserve, 2 excursion routes have been developed. For the reception of tourists there is a forest propaganda house, 3 guest houses for 11 beds. In 2012 the Visit - the center "Naurzum - the mysterious land" was opened, in which museum expositions, a conference hall and a small cafe are located.

         This year in Naurzum district, a comfortable hotel for accommodation of tourists with a number fund in 6 numbers, 12 beds is constructed.

In 2016 an information and tourist office on the basis of the tour operator "BEST kz" is open in the region, where tourists can get information about local tourist products, attractions, entertainment and much more. In May of this year for residents and visitors of the region in the center of the city of Kostanay there is a tourist information booth where you can also use services for organizing excursions to the regional center, Rudny, Nurzum reserve, etc., and also to purchase tourist packages in Astana With a visit to the exhibition "EXPO 2017".

         Also, the joint work of tourist companies and akimats of cities and districts is carried out to develop new tourist routes along the sights of the region.

For further development of domestic and inbound tourism, the delegation of the region will participate in regional and international tourism exhibitions, seminars and forums. In addition, information and ecological tours will be held in the region on the creation and organization of new tourist products and tourist routes.

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