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print version send email 7 Апреля 2018

The Club of Patrons award ceremony was held in Kostanay region

The XVIII awards ceremony of the Club of Patrons was held in Kostanay to select the best in various fields.

As noted by the akim of the region Arkhimed Mukhambetov in his remarks to the award opening ceremony, best of the best have joined the list of prizewinners - the winners of the Club of Patrons for the past 18 years. “Today we present awards of the Club of Patrons of the Kostanay region. This tradition has developed since 2000. The Prizes shall be awarded to the prizewinners of various field of activity. This year another “Sport” nomination has been added”, said the head of the region. It's worth mentioning that the number of applicants increases every year, and this can only be a good thing. If, for example, in 2014 there were a little more than 80 applications, this year there are already 150 applicants”.

Akim of the region also noted strong competition and a big contest among the applicants for each nomination.

A. Mukhambetov stressed that with each year not only the number of participants grows, but also the number of patrons who are ready to support the initiatives of young talents and the social sphere as a whole.

Awards were presented in such nominations as “Fine art”, “Literature”, “Vocal”, “Choreography”, “Rural community supporter”, “Cultural heritage”, “Music”, “Journalism”, “Theatre”, “Science”, “Sport”.

Presenting the award in one of the nominations, the president of the Club of Patrons Vasily Rozinov noted the significance and specialness of the event.

“We have been meeting with you for 18 years in a row. This has already become a tradition. And today it’s nice to voice the names of best of the best among 150 people”, he said.

Today, among the award winners in “Journalism” the correspondent of the regional newspaper “Kostanay tany” Kenzhe Konysbay was also present in ceremony.

“I am very happy to receive the award; it means that your work was appreciated. Today everyone who came out on stage received recognition. It is very inspiring and gives the strength to move forward and grow”, said the young correspondent.

It should be noted that over the years, as the organizers of the contest estimated, the Club of Patrons granted awards of KZT 226 million.

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