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print version send email 20 Декабря 2018

Kostanay organizes screening of a movie about the capital city

Akim of the region Archimed Mukhambetov visited the movie screening.

“The Leader's Way. Astana” is the sixth part of the epic. It was preceded by: “The Sky of My Childhood”, “The Fiery River”, “Iron Mountain”, “Breaking the vicious circle” and “So Was The Alignment of The Stars”. Each film tells about the stages of the life of the President of Kazakhstan.

“The Leader's Way. Astana” is based on the history of the construction of the capital city. The story begins in 1994 when N. Nazarbayev puts forward a proposal to move the capital city at the Council of Deputies. After his speech, the deputies openly and loudly express their doubts and discontent. “The country is at the peak of the crisis and the budget does not have the assets necessary for such a large-scale project”. The topic of resistance to a strong-willed decision is kept through the whole movie – the Prime Minister Akezhan Kazhegeldin sabotages and delays the financing of construction. Even close relatives of N. Nazarbayev (his wife, in particular) ask to reconsider terms of transfer. The anonymous worker addresses the President who visited the site - the builder says that plants do not operate, people have no work, and we build the new capital city as if there are no other issues. N. Nazarbayev patiently explains that the construction of Astana, on the contrary, will provide the industry with orders and job openings.

Director Akan Satayev displays the well-known formula by which a person, in spite of everything, changes the course of history. The last part of the film is dedicated to the international presentation of Astana. It took place on June 10, 1998. The President is congratulated by the leaders of countries, ordinary people and Talgat Musabayev from the space. Even the summer rain, which was feared during the preparation of the holiday and prepared clouds disperse aircraft, cannot break the universal joy.

At the end of the film, applause rang out in the hall.

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