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Smart dairy farm’ was launched in Kostanay region

Project named ‘Smart dairy farm’ is launched in the framework of agro-industry digitalization program in the Kostanay region. There were invited experts from Austria, who is going to share their experience in introducing smart technologies into farms. The 'smart dairy farm' week, initiated by the regional department of agriculture, started with an introduction of Smaxtec software and hardware in Sadchikovskoe LLP. According to the Chief development officer of Smaxtec Frans Tecchner, the novelty and uniqueness of the technology lies in the fact that, when a special device is inserted into a cow rumen, i.e. a bolus, then it will be possible to completely control general condition of cow and know everything about its basic physiological parameters. By the way, bolus can be in stomach of an animal up to five years. 'This is the only system in the world like that yet. This small bolus passes through the oral cavity into the stomach of a cow. And from there, it sends three important pieces information to the database. The first is temperature. We are ready to measure temperature every five minutes. Similarly to people, temperature is very important for health. And the problem is that when you look at a cow, it looks very good. You can not see that it was already sick, but the temperature has already risen. And now, when bolus is placed in animal's rumen, you can see the problem and you can do something in advance. It is very important not to wait until cow already gets very sick and use some complicated medical preparations, such as antibiotics' says Austrian expert Franz Zechner. ‘The second important piece of information that can be obtained is animal's motor activity. Why measure the motor activity of an animal? For reproduction. That is, thanks to the bolus, we realize that animal is ready for insemination. This is also important for achieving results in reproduction. And thirdly, bolus sends information about pH level in stomach. This indicator shows whether stomach and feeding of cow is stable and good. Cows that produce a lot of milk need high-energy feeding. If we do not give them enough energy, it is very dangerous for the cows. Then the pH level drops and a cow can stop eating and then it dies.’ What is noteworthy, you can get information about the status of cattle on any configured gadget at any time of day. By the way, as noted by F. Zechner, this is the first 'Smart Farm' in Kazakhstan, where the Smaxtec system is installed.

'This is the first farm in Kazakhstan where we install this equipment. This is a very high modern tool. We train our partners from AgriKAS LLP. Employees of the LLP were trained in Austria. They are ready for work. And we will be staying here for several days, so we can monitor and help our partners with help of the Internet. This is our goal, we are always ready to help. The effect of introducing this technology is colossal, both the quality and quantity of milk are going to increase.' In general, summarizing what has been said by the Austrian expert, it can be noted that this monitoring system optimizes feeding, reduces veterinary care, allows to increase milk yield by accurately determining period of insemination, increases the profitability of a dairy farm. 'By applying the Smaxtec system we see that it is one of the simplest and most convenient systems on our farm. Why? Because we can monitor all changes in the health of our animals in real time 24 hours a day. All this is done in order to increase milk yield. Not to get 6 thousand liters of milk per forage-fed cow, but 9-12 thousand liters of milk. This is a small step, but we are striving for it. As part of digitalization, we have the Deriplan system, in which we monitor the movement of our entire population, which passes through our entire maternity barn: we see how much milk each cow gives, if milk yields do not meet the standards, then the cow leaves either for insemination, or is sent to the zone for veterinary attendance. A bunch of our two systems, Deriplan and Smaxtec, will allow us to have complete information. Definitely, there will be an economic effect. We will be able to fight disease on its early stages.' says Sergey Fitzner, chief officer of Sadchikovskoe LLP.

The AgriKAS LLP is a partner of the Austrian experts within Kostanay region. The company has helped agricultural enterprises in introducing new technologies. According to the Chief officer of AgriKAS LLP Irina Sulimenko, they decided to introduce the technologies, as soon as the company witnessed such innovations at one of the events on "smart" technologies. 'This technology is highly intelligent, but at the same time very easy to use. Today we started to install boluses, and the next day we can track the information on each animal. Now we are launching a pilot project, testing it on 32 animal units. In cooperation with Smaxstec our company provides them for free. The system will be tested during 3 months. Over this time, we monitor the economic effect, and at the end the enterprise decides whether we are moving on or not, whether animals need the boluses. If everything goes well, then these boluses will be applied on all 740 farm cows.' In the future, it is planned to use similar boluses in meat cattle breeding.

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