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print version send email 4 Июня 2018

The thousand apartments to be put in commission in Kostanay

This year 290.9 square meters of housing are planned to be put in commission in the Kostanay Region. Deputy Akim of the region Sergey Karpliuk reported it at the extraordinary meeting in the regional akimat.

“For today 563 apartments and 172 individual houses have been put in commission in the region. Under the program “Nurly Zher” 290.9 sq. m. of housing will be built this year. Previous year there were built houses in the area of 264.7 sq. m. 7.7 billion tenge are provided for from various sources engineering and communications infrastructure. 12.8 billion tenge are allocated from government bonds for housing construction. Recently we have obtained 1.2 billion tenge from these sources. The remaining part will be provided after being agreed with the Ministry for Investments and Development. Besides, in the second half of the year Bayterek Development JSC will invest 8.3 billion tenge in the housing construction. These funds will be used to build 18 credit houses and 25 new houses. The houses will be commissioned in 2019”, Deputy Akim of the region Sergey Karpliuk informed. According to him, the construction of the five rental houses with 309 apartments, which started last year, would be completed in 2018. In general, 3021 apartments will have their owners this year. “Regardless that the housing construction is advancing quickly, the number of people on waiting lists for housing has not decreased. In the region 25 thousand people are on the waiting list for housing as of June 1 of the current year. About 15 thousand of them are underprivileged. Therefore we repair old buildings in the districts. In the region it is possible to transform 31 objects into housing units in 3 cities and 10 districts”, S. Karpliuk said.

As noted above, the Kostanay region is prepared to implement the state program “7-20-25”. The housing construction is planned in the area of 1.3 million square meters up to 2021. Thus, 3.5 – 4.5 thousand apartments will be commissioned annually. “For the next 4 years we will be able to provide with the housing 15 thousand families under the program “7-20-25”. 10 thousand of them are depositors the House Construction Savings Bank. According to the information of the regional branch office of the National Bank, for today over 100 residents expressed their wish to obtain apartments under the program “7-20-25”. We are ready to implement the new program in the region”, deputy akim of the region stated. “I have seen the process of the housing construction in Nauruzum district, Karmendy and in Dzhankeldin district, Turgay village. Particular attention should be paid to that the cost of a square meter of housing in these villages will not become like in the regional center. Besides, there is sufficient number of old buildings, which give a special touch to these areas. It is necessary to use them properly. I give order to the akims to pay strict attention to the solution of this problem”, head of the region Arkhimed Mukhambetov summarized.

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