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  • The issues of implementation of “Yenbek” State program were considered at the meeting with the participation of Mayors of all levels
print version send email 14 Октября 2019

The issues of implementation of “Yenbek” State program were considered at the meeting with the participation of Mayors of all levels

At the meeting with Mayors of all levels under the chairmanship of Mayor of Kostanay Region Arkhimed Mulhambetov, it was considered the issue on implementation of the State program “Yenbek”.

The Deputy Mayor of the region Zhundubaev Marat made a report on this issue.

According to the Deputy Mayor of the region, 8.8 billion KZT were allocated this year for the implementation of the Program, of which 5.1 billion KZT were disbursed in 9 months of this year. 

Since the beginning of the year, 20.3 thousand people have applied to employment centres, of which 85% are unemployed and job seekers, 15% are self-employed citizens.

Also, the Deputy Mayor of the region told about the implementation of the first direction of the program “Provision of the program participants with technical and vocational education and short-term vocational training.”

“Since September 1, 950 people have begun training personnel with TandVE in accordance with the plan. “1870 people were sent to short-term training with a plan of 2075 people”said Marat Zhundubaev.

Moreover, this year, as a part of measures, to support vulnerable groups of the population, additional funds were allocated from the National Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the organization of short-term training for 2,600 people in the amount of 625.8 million KZT.

At the same time, 1,478 people completed the training, of which 1,033 people, or 69.9%, were employed.

In the second direction of the Program “Development of Mass Entrepreneurship” under the Bastau Business project, 4040 people are envisaged this year (including “Zhas kasipker” - 900 people).

To date, 2694 trainees have been educated, or 66.7%, incl. 900 people on the project “Zhas kssipker”.

Training as per the Bastau Business project is planned to be completed in November.

Out of the number of those who defended the business plan, 1976 people received loans and grants - 1320 people or 66.8%. 4084.7 million KZT are provided for microcredit. It is planned to issue at least 875 loans.

To date, 686 applications for the amount of 3,061.9 million KZT have been approved.

591 microloans were issued to end borrowers in the amount of 2578.6 billion KZT.

In the third area of ​​the Program “Development of the labour market through the promotion of employment and labour mobility”, 15.7 thousand Program participants were employed.

As part of labour mobility, immigrants and oralmans arrived in the region. In total, from the beginning of the program, 1,637 immigrants and 1208 oralmans arrived in the region.

Currently, 502 immigrants are included in the regional quota with a plan of 970 people and 602 people are included in a quota for a plan of 605 oralmans.

The Region Mayor Arkhimed Mukhambetov instructed the heads of Region Administrations together with Mayor Offices of cities and districts to ensure the fulfilment of quantitative and financial indicators of the Yenbek program for the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship for 2017-2021 based on the results of 2019.

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