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Points of Akim of the Kostanay Region A. Mukhambetov

In the programme article“Course towards the future: modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity” Head of stateNursultanAbishevichNazarbayevproposed a unique vision of Kazakhstani’s spiritual modernization, the aim of which is the establishment of a united nation of strong and responsible people.

The regional commission, the Expert Board, working groups on special projects, the regional Project office, which works closely with state bodies responsible for implementation of the special projects of the programme,operate in order to provide quality implementation of the Programme.

In 2017, 24 sub-projects, 339 activitiesat the total cost of 2723mlntenge, including 29mlntenge from the local budget,2694 mlntengeat the expense of patrons are aimed at implementation ofthe“RukhaniZhangyru”programme in the Kostanay region.

In the current year85projects, 46sub-projects,801activitiesat the total cost of4586.5mlntenge,including270.5mlntenge from the local budget, 4316mlntenge at the expense of patrons are aimed at implementation ofthe“RukhaniZhangyru” programme in the Kostanay region.

Competitiveness, based on computer literacy, knowledge of languages and cultural open-mindedness, is one of the significant directions of the “RukhaniZhangyru”programme.

Active work to advance these competenciesis conducted in the frameworkof implementation of the sub-programme “Tarbiezhanebilim”. (Since the beginning of the year in the region 103projects, including585activitiesare being implemented on the sub-programme at the total cost of212.9mlntenge,including69.682mlntengefrom the local budget, 143.3mln of the attracted resources).

The work in this directioncreates all the necessary conditionsfor educating a competitive and pragmatic person. Today the targeted work on digitalization is a priority for the sphere of education.

21 classrooms with digital technologieshave beenestablishedin educational organizations of the regional district (17 at secondary schools, 4 at organizations of supplementary education) inorder to establish network of technology parks and business incubators for childrenin the current yearat the expense of private investmentin the amount ofover 172mlntenge. These classrooms include modern media, the necessary sets for robotic technologiesand 3Dmodeling, which will allow increasing the number of children to be covered with technical creative subjects and digital literacy in the region.

Implementation of the “Specialized boarding lyceum school of information technologies” project has begun,at whichover178 mlntengewere allocated from the regional budget. The projectwill be launchedon September 1 of the current year.The objectives of this school:teaching children to3D modeling, creating personal websites, WEB-applications, educating information technologies in the English language – the global language.

Preservation of national code is not possible without studying the history of the native country, which is the basis of patriotic upbringing of the young generation.

In the school of the region over 100school museums have already been operated, 87 search parties established,in which overthousands of studentsare studying(1029). For example, the museum of the school’s history has been opened in Auliekolgymnasium schoolnamed afterSultan Baimagambetovat the expense of sponsor support of the school graduates in the amount of5 mlntenge. In addition, to the end of this year 14 new school museums of the local history will be opened.

The activity of the regional the regional Resource center of tourism and local history “MeninOtanym– Kazakhstan” has been organized as well, whichdeveloped 20 electronic tour circuits.Within the framework of the summer holidays programme for students of the regional schools there will be organized about 600expeditions through historical and sacred places for9 thousand children, 57ecological and tourist sites covering about2000students.

Thus, the “Rukhani zhangyru” programmecomprehends the entire educational and upbringing systems, the fundamental idea of which is a special attitude to the local country, the historical heritage, and thethirst for knowledge.

In returnthe state creates the conditions for gaining skills, required to develop successful personalities of our country.Proof of this is an increasing availability of resources of the participants of the “100 new persons of Kazakhstan” project.

The winners of the project from the Kostanay regionare3 persons: AlmatTurssunov – hero of labor,Director General ofLLC TIC “Karasu”, Denis Kuzin – world champion in ice skatingsports, participant of the Olympic Games, merited Master of Sports, KairatMaishev – Director of “Zhass Kanat-2006” LLP andentrepreneur.For today they take active part in milestone socio-politicalandlarge-scale cultural activities, charity andsocial events.

In addition the regional project “100 new persons of the Kostanay region” has been created, in which entered our contemporaries of the Kostanay region through their labor, knowledge, talentwho succeeded добившиесяуспеховin the years since independence.

Furthermore, the resources for preparation of the experts with higher and postgraduate educationare allocated at the expense of the local budgetannually.This year it is planned to allocate200 scholarships, 100of whichformedical professions, 65 – for pedagogical(2017 –41scholarships for technical, technologicalprofessions).

7 higher educational institutions(4 state and 3 private institutions)and 1 Academy are functioning in the Kostanay region.

Students participate actively in implementation of the republicanproject “Ulydalazhastary”one of the indicators of which is development of entrepreneurial skills among young people.

In particular, “Startup Academy” has been opened at the Kostanay engineer and economic university named after MyrzhakypDulatov, where todaystudents are implementing their business projectswithin the educational institution.

International cooperation of the universities of our regionis directed towards increasing competitiveness, quality of scientific researches and educationalservices, integration into the global educational space.

For example,AkhmetBaitursynovKostanay State University within the frameworkof international cooperationunder the programme “Erasmus+”(the European Union) implement7 international projects at the total cost of448,5 thousand euro(4 –up to October 2018, 3 –up to October 2019).These projects areinthe sphere of agricultural policy, agriculture, green economy, computing technologies.

In addition, within the framework of the programme “Digital Kazakhstan”, “Agro – Bio – Technological&Veterinarianhub”,oriented at developing and increasing competitivenessof the regional agro-industrial complex, is in the process of establishment in AkhmetBaitursynovKostanay State University.

In order to integratethe best world practiceinto the process of personnel preparation, Kostanay pedagogical state university implements10 projectssupported by international organizations: the World Wildlife Fund, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the European Union.

Certainly, the examples of the international cooperation of the universities of the Kostanay regionare the evidence of their open-mindedness and sensitivityto better achievements of the world communities.

A considerable amount of work is being carried out in the Kostanay region within the framework of the“RukhaniKazyna” sub-programme. (In 2018 87 sub-projectsand activitiesare included in the register of the sub-programme at the total cost of208,6mlntenge).

In2017 and during the period under review in 2018 a number of wide-ranging activities aimed atpreservation of historical and cultural heritageare implemented. The following activities:

- ceremonial unveiling of the monument dedicated tofirstTarkhanShakshakZhanibek,

- event on the burial of the remnantsandmemorialization of the hero of the national liberation movementin 1916 Keiki (Nurmagambet) Kokembayuly;

- openingof the mausoleumof the greateducatorIbrayAltynsarinafter restoration;

-celebration forthe 100thanniversary of composerBakhytzhanBaykadamov;

- international scientific and practical conference “Role of state libraries in social development”involving well-known cultural figures Murat Auezov, UlugbekYesdaulet,representativesof all regions of Kazakhstan, the United States of America and the Russian Federation;

- IRepublicancompetition of dombrists.

A complex of measureson modernization of libraries and museums activities as well asintegration of new modern form of work into their activity is being carried out within the framework of the state programme “Digital Kazakhstan”.

For today about 5 thousand documents have beendigitalized(4789) as well as 24%of the museum funds.

Development of the infrastructure is an important aspect of the work on preservation of the national identity, cultural and historical heritage.

In 2017over574 mlntengeare aimed at the capital and running repairs and atstrengthening the material and technical base,twice as many asin the previous year.

In 2018 the work in this direction will continue. 371mlntengehave been allocatedfor carrying out the capital repairs of the four cultural objects(71mlntenge for continuing the capital repairs of the two cultural objects in Lissakovsk city, 1 object inUzunkol(50.0 mlntenge) and1 object in Karabalyk districts (50.0 mln tenge).

The regional academic communityparticipates actively in studying historical and cultural legacy of the region.

In 2017, Kostanay researchers together with the museum staff conducted 2 archaeological expeditions; according to the results of which scientific reports on 200 archaeological sites of Amangeldy district, 51monuments of Auliyekol district were elaborated, field researches and excavations at Belkaragay settlement in Auliyekol district were conducted

In 2018, the research activities will continue. Scientific research expeditions (4.6 million tenge) at Turgay geoglyphs and on archaeological sites of Kamysty district will be conducted.

Within the project of the Regional Museum of Local History, RukhaniZhangyru hall, devoted to sacred facilities of the region, will be presented.

The list of sacred facilities of Kostanay region included 29 facilities, among them 10of national significance (Turgai geoglyphs, Kamysty fortified settlement, Ekidyn religious monument, Barak Zhanuzakuly mausoleum, ZhaukeNazargululy mausoleum, IbraiAltynsarin mausoleum, MyrzhakypDulatuly mausoleum, AmangeldyImanov grave site, AbdygapparZhanbosynuly mausoleum, Keiki batyr mausoleum) and 19 of local significance.

As it was noted, considerable work on preservation of the sacred geographic belt was conducted in 2017. Keiki batyr mausoleum (97 million tenge) was constructed with funds from philanthropists, I. Altynsarin mausoleum (180 million tenge) was reconstructed through budgetary funds.

This year, 88,5 million tenge from attracted funds will be allocated for repair, reconstruction and land improvement of sacred facilities. It is planned to reconstruct the house of prominent Kazakh public and state figure AkhmetBaitursynov(11 million tenge), repair Barak batyr(Zhanusakuly)mausoleum (8,7 million tenge); the activities on reconstruction of Svyato-Nikolsky church will be initiated and land improvement of all sacred facilities will be conducted.

UlyDalaKazynasyproject, within which 32 expeditions at sacred facilities in Kostanay region were conducted with the participation of journalists and bloggers, attracted considerable attention within the general public.

This year, the research and popularization activities for cultural legacy of the region continue. Thus, on May 11the meeting of local historians with Head of Kasiyetty Kazakhstan research centreBerikAbdygaliuly on the issues of implementation of special project, Sacred Geography of Kazakhstan, was conducted. Such practice will be implemented in all areas of the program.

Within Modern Kazakhstani Culture in the Global World special project,in 2017,19 creative communities and 34 talented representatives of Kostanay regiontook part in24international festivals and contests, and took 50 winning places(the cities of Saint-Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Smolensk, Volgograd, Kazan, Kurgan; Ashdod and Rehovot (Israel).

Kostanay businessmen strongly supported the ideas of Atameken sub-program, aimed at strengthening civic engagement and the sense of responsibility for the fate of their small motherland. With the assistance of business structures within the framework of KorkeyeBer, Kostanay! Event, in 2017 135 social projects were implemented, whereby the social infrastructure of inhabited areas was improved: 101 educational, healthcare, cultural and sports establishments were repaired, material and technical resources of 61 social facilities was improved, 18 children’s playgrounds and sports fields were installed. Philanthropists and benefactors allocated 2 billion 674 million tengefor these purposes.

This event is furthered this year too. With the assistance of entrepreneurs, 140 social projects amounting to 4 billion 165 million tengewill be implemented in cities and districts of the region. To date 24 projects amounting to 198 million tengehave been already completed, among them 21 digital technology classes installed in educational organizations, museum of local history in Karasu district (1 million tenge), reconstruction of community centrein Yesir village of Amangeldy district (14 million tenge), construction of small architectural facility Bayterek in Lisakovsk city (7 million tenge).

For example, within the memorandum signed and funding allocated by philanthropists, a square dedicated to the memory of KamshatDonenbayeva, Hero of Socialist Labor, with her bust, and Alley of Glory of war veterans will be constructed in Kostanay city.

National Cultural Centre with 1000 places will be constructed in Kostanay. Project cost is 1 billion 700 million tenge.

On the eve ofNauryzMeyramy ethnic and cultural associations of the region presented an initiative to erect the Monument of Gratitude to the Kazakh Nation in Kostanay. We supported this initiative, currently we are choosing the location. By the autumn of this, the Monument opening is planned.

Moreover, the memorandum on implementation of socially important projects in 2018 between Eurasian Resources Group and local authorities (akimat) of Kostanay region totaling over 2,6 billion tenge was concluded.

ERG within the memorandum will finance the beginning of reconstruction of water mains in Kachar and Gornyatsky settlements, repair of the 5th secondary school after M. Auezov in Arkalyk, enhancing areas of recreation in the territory of Karatomarskiy water reserve and the park in Oktyabrsky settlement. As in the previous year, ЕRG will help Lisakovsky technical college with educational equipment purchase, as well as Rudnensky construction and transport college with installing STEM-laboratories, the gymnasium No. 2 in Rudnyi and the secondary school No. 1 in Kachar. These institutions in particular train staff for enterprises of mining and metallurgical industry.

In order to support social responsibility of the business community, since last year, Forums of philanthropists and benefactors are conducted. As of 2017, we honored the 10 most active representatives of business structures in the regional forum.

This year, Forums of philanthropists and benefactors will be conducted in each area of the region, and in November the regional forum will be held in Kostanay city.

Today, Kostanay region is a region with stable social and political climate, and dynamically developing economy. Here we have a developed agro-industrial sector, huge mineral raw material base, currentextraction and machinery production facilities.

However, all the success would not be possible without the real people, contributing to development of our region. Our greatest resource are people: hard-working, open to knowledge, professional advancement and spiritual perfection, with a profound sense of responsibility for the fate of their country.

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