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  • An extended meeting of the regional council of the regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs chaired by Vasiliy Rozinov was held
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print version send email 26 Декабря 2018

An extended meeting of the regional council of the regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs chaired by Vasiliy Rozinov was held

The Akim of the Kostanay region Archimed Mukhambetov took part in its work.

He introduced the preliminary results of the work for 2018. Noted the present success. The region produced 20 percent more products than the previous year. The manufacturing sector has doubled, a cement plant was launched in the city of Rudny with the substantial support of the state. Now the task is to give quality products in order to prove itself in the market. KZT 220 billion of investments has come to the region, which is 12 percent more. The interest of foreign investors has doubled. China is interested in the Kostanay automotive industry. Just like deep processing of wheat. But the “smart” factory in the village of Kachar attracted investors from Russia. Kostanay business this year has implemented almost seven and a half thousand projects worth KZT 30 billion. According to this indicator, the region is no longer at the end, but in the middle of the list of regions of Kazakhstan. At the same time, Archimed Mukhambetov stressed that: “No need to make boast of success”, thus making it clear that it is not necessary to exhibit achievements in public, but to implement carefully and consistently the outlined plans.

The report on the results of the work of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs was made by its director Murat Abenov. According to his information, about a thousand representatives of businesses applied to the Chamber in a year. This is 24 percent less than the previous year. We identified 41 system problems, 26 were eliminated. The rest are either in progress or require legislative decisions at the level of the republic. One of the problems is administrative penalties. According to Murat Abenov, the state should be strict in relation to business representatives only when it has suffered damage. Fining for formal things, for example, incorrectly issued statements, means the make harm to a business. In 2018, 13,000 entrepreneurs were somehow punished. When a single business register appears in the republic (as long as it is only planned), you can see the portrait of each enterprise, determine the risks associated with it. According to Murat Abenov, the Chamber has its own microcredit system, and it works. Especially with regard to those whom they taught the basics of business.

Vladimir Shakun spoke at the meeting about the work of the Council for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs, which he chairs. Its main task is to discuss and find a solution on the most problematic issues that business representatives, including small ones, address to the Chamber. Such problems most often arise in the matters of taxation, land relations and public procurement. At the meeting, entrepreneurs asked questions. Including on subsidies in agriculture, the directions in which they change too often, on the problems of export of goods, the complicated system of VAT refund.

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