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  • A number of districts and departments received “unsatisfactory mark” from Archimed Mukhambetov
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A number of districts and departments received “unsatisfactory mark” from Archimed Mukhambetov

Archimed Mukhambetov, Akim of the Kostanay region, discussed the implementation of the Territorial Development Program for 2016-2020 following the results of 2017 with the Akims of the districts and cities, as well as the heads of the regional departments during the conference call in the regional Akimat. As the deputy Akim of the region Yerlan Spanov noted during the report, the Territory Development Program is the main strategic document of the region, the purpose of which is to solve the key social and economic problems of the region. And many departments and districts failed to achieve its basic indicators in 2017. “Out of the 110 program indicators, the basic ones are 82. Only 71 of them were met, or 86.6%. 11 were not reached. For example, the management of entrepreneurship and industrial-innovative development has not achieved an indicator on the volume of manufacturing output”. Under the plan - 106.3%, in actual figures, volume indicator was formed at the level of 105.2% due to a decrease in the production of combines at AgromashHolding JSC and hot rolled bars and rods made of steel at EvrazKaspianStal LLP”, Ye.Spanov said. Also, according to his information, the indicator “the share of operating subjects of small and medium-sized enterprises in the total volume of registered” is recorded below the planned value. “The actual figure was 73.9%, while the plan provided for 87.3%. This is related to the fact that a number of individual entrepreneurs have temporarily suspended their activities due to a decrease in demand for their services and products”, Ye.Spanov explained. Two indicators have not been fulfilled for the management of agriculture.

So, despite the actual growth of the “volume of investment in fixed capital of agriculture” by 1.2%, the indicator has not been fulfilled since the Ministry of Agriculture got the overestimated indicator of 115%. The agricultural sector also failed to achieve the indicator on “The share of small cattle in organized farms” in connection with the increase in the slaughter of livestock for economic needs, the sale to the population. At the plan of 27,4%, the actual figure is 26,6%. According to Ye.Spanov, plans for other departments have not been fulfilled either. The indicator on the number of functioning emergency and three-shift schools has not been implemented in the management of education, indicators for reducing maternal and infant mortality have not been met through the health department. A similar analysis on the achievement of development indicators by the end of 2017 has also been carried out between the districts and cities of the region. “The results of the implementation of the programs are as follows: only two districts - Kamysty and Uzunkol, reached 90% of the indicators and above.  Less than 70% performance of indicators recorded in the Amangeldy, Zhetikara, Karabalyk, Naurzum districts”, Ye. Spanov informed. Basically, in the regions, indicators for livestock products, the share of the operating subjects of small and medium-sized enterprises, the reduction of infant mortality, etc. are most often not met. After listening to his deputy, Akim of the region criticized the inadequate work of Akims of cities and districts, heads of regional departments. “When we allocate money, attract investments, we set indicators immediately. And they must be achieved. The second direction is working with private investments.

The economic sector should work in every region: large enterprises, SMEs, agricultural enterprises - all of them should participate in this. Indicators of the program for the development of territories should be achieved by joint efforts. Because in the end, all this affects the regional indicators. 71 indicators out of 82 have been reached. 11 have not been achieved. I think, this is very bad”, the head of the region said. Archimed Mukhambetov went through with criticism for each of the regional departments that failed the task and did not fulfill the above indicators. “Most of departments have not finalized the elementary things. No one carries out in-depth analysis. The regions have the similar situation. Those regions that are below 80% in terms of achieving indicators are a complete failure. As a result, only 8 districts have completed the task - the Taran, Arkalyk, Lisakovsk, Rudny, Kostanay, Auliekol, Uzunkol and Kamysty districts. They rated “Good” and “Satisfactory”. The rest, which fulfilled the indicators below 80%, rated “unsatisfactory”, a complete failure”, the head of the region said during the conference call, addressing each of the Akims of the districts. - And those regions that are below 70%, these are the Amangeldy, Zhetika, Karabalyk and Naurzum districts - here nobody works at all. They just push a pen at work”. Archimed Mukhambetov again reminded all those present about the responsibility for the implementation of the main indicators and instructed to conduct an in-depth analysis of the “failed” of them, according to which many regions will have to be pulled up this year. In addition, all districts and cities were instructed to conduct similar meetings on the ground within ten days and provide written answers to the regional Akimat on how the regions intend to correct the situation.

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