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  • The "Nurly Zhol" program and the work of the parliamentary faction in the regional maslikhat were discussed by the Kostanay region party members
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print version send email 6 Сентября 2017

The "Nurly Zhol" program and the work of the parliamentary faction in the regional maslikhat were discussed by the Kostanay region party members

Under the chairmanship of the region akim Archimedes Mukhambetov, a meeting of the Political Council Bureau of the Kostanay regional branch of the Nur Otan Party was held, within which a number of topical issues were discussed.

Today 296 out of 301 deputies of maslikhats of all levels carry out their activities in the Kostanay oblast, 292 deputies are members of the Party "Nur Otan", 1 member of the Kazakh Social Democratic Party "Auyl", 3 members of the Democratic Party of Kazakhstan "Azhol", members of the faction The parties "Nur Otan" are 292 deputies. On a personal application, authorities were removed from 5 deputies.

"Of the 22 first deputy chairmen of the city and district branches of the Party" Nur Otan ", 15 are deputies of maslikhats or 68%, 14 heads the parliamentary faction of the Party" Nur Otan "in maslikhats of all levels, which is 64%," informed Ainash Dadanova, a deputy of the regional maslikhat .

As noted by the deputy, priority areas of the work of the faction in maslikhats of all levels is, first of all, consideration of topical issues of development of all spheres of the region's life. In 2017, the main task is the implementation of public monitoring and the implementation of public expertise, in particular, public monitoring of the implementation of the state program "Nurly Jol", according to which the faction has 2 commissions.

In particular, the deputy of the regional maslikhat Samat Akishev informed about the monitoring of the implementation of the "Nurly Zhol" program during the meeting.

As noted by S. Akishev, participation in the composition of commissions of party monitoring and control groups allows using the potential of these structures and organizing system monitoring and effective monitoring of the implementation of the state program.

"For the current year, 35 trips to sites are planned, according to the schedule agreed with the program administrators and contractors. To date, 18 party raids have been conducted, during which representatives of state institutions and contract organizations were heard, problem issues were identified and proposals and recommendations were developed, "he said.

By the way, there are concrete results of such raids. For example, according to the project "Transportation of biologically treated waters from sewage treatment plants to the Vasilevsky evaporator in Rudny", the contractor of "Orken" LLP was allowed to break the schedule of the construction and installation works.

"On July 26 this year. The contractor was notified of the termination of the public procurement contract. July 4 this year. filed a lawsuit in the economic court for the recognition of LLP "Orken" unscrupulous supplier ", - added Akishev.

The work of the public foster parties "Nur Otan" in the first half of 2017 in Kostanay region was informed by the deputy chairman of the regional branch of the party, Almat Dosmukhamedov.

"Over the past period, 4058 citizens' applications have been received by public reception parties of" Nur Otan "in Kostanay oblast, 65 of them in written form, 3980 in verbal and 13 applications in online mode. Of the number of appeals received - 2626 explanations were given, 17 are under consideration, 1415 are positively solved, which is 34.9% of the number of appeals received, "Dosmukhamedov said.

The largest number of applications came to public reception offices of the regional branch - 14.7%, Lisakovskiy - 8.7%, Auliekolsky - 6.8%, Uzunkol-5.1%, Arkalyk - 4.8%.

"Basically, the subjects of citizens' appeals are issues of social security, housing and communal services, employment issues and housing provision. In general, the results of consideration of appeals show that every third question is solved positively, and more 65% of appeals - explanations are given, "Dosmukhamedov said.

It should be noted that during the meeting the results of the work of the Commissions of party supervisors and the Party Control Commission for the first half of 2017 were also heard.

"Summing up the results of the half-year it is worth noting that a lot of work is being done. The main task - in all areas should be monitoring, especially on the implementation of state programs, sectoral programs, "- said the head of the branch, akim of the region Archimed Mukhambetov, closing the meeting. 

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