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print version send email 25 Мая 2018

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan took problematic issues of the Kostanay region under control

Akim of the region, Archimed Mukhambetov, speaking at a meeting of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev with the region's assets and business representatives, in addition to the development indicators, raised problematic issues, the solution of which requires the assistance of the Government and central state bodies.

"Bakytzhan Abdirovich, let me raise some problematic issues that need to be addressed at the central level. First - once again I want to turn you atttention on housing construction. We placed bonds for KZT 12.8 bln, and the Ministry of Investment and Development of Kazakhstan provided support for us. But the Baiterek holding company sold out only 1.2 billion tenge. In the near future, we will repay and redeem more. But it is not enough for us. Please add 11.6 billion tenge to the protocol to be allocated for us this year. This year, we fully implement the plan and will make reserve for 2019", voiced the problem Archimed Mukhambetov.

The Prime Minister instructed the holding company "Baiterek to solve the issue in the shortest possible time and to give an answer as far as it is possible to allocate such funds today. "If construction in the region is conducted in advance and if there is an opportunity - why not", Bakytzhan Sagintayev said. Akim of Kostanay region also raised the issue on the creation of the Free Economic Zone, which will be placed in the "Kostanay" Industrial Zone. As it turned out, the regional akimat had already submitted an application on this issue to the Ministry of Investment and Development, where the concept for the creation of FEZ was presented, but the authority has not made a decision yet. "We have 10 FEZs in the country. But, honestly, we do not desire to create free economic zones in every region. What we saw in some regions is all the money that is allocated by the state, are all spent on fences and so on. And there is nothing behind them. But today in Kostanay we saw a different situation", Bakytzhan Sagintayev said. "There are already specific projects, investors who want to come and build factories. That is, the region's approach is good. They began to build infrastructure themselves, at their own expense. They build everything themselves, the base is ready. That is, business can only come, its equipment must be delivered, and production can be strarted".

Archimed Mukhambetov also raised a problematic issue on the Ashut deposit and the completion of the construction of new schools in the Kostanay region, for which funding is lacking. "As for the Ashut deposit in Arkalyk - in 2022 the contract expires. Please extend it for 4 years. Nearly 1,000 people work here, it is the city-forming enterprise. Therefore, there will be a lot of support", the akim of the region explained. "As for schools. Now we build a school for 900 places in the "Airport" microdistrict, and 769 million tenge is not enough. This year, we have almost completed the construction of the microdistrict, the pace of developing the budget is good, we ask you to support and allocate funds." As it turned out, the issue on financing the final stage of construction of the school can be solved already this year. The Ministry of Finance suggests that for those regions that do not realize funds by the end of the year, these funds should be transferred to those regions that are ahead of schedule in terms of the realization. As the Prime Minister concluded, this issue, will be discussed already on the next Tuesday at a meeting of the Government. As for the Ashut bosits deposit in Arkalyk, as the Minister for Investments and Development Zhenis Kasymbek assured, the issue has been previously used by the ministry.

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