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print version send email 20 Сентября 2017

PRESS RELEASE Investment Forum "Kostanay Invest 2017"

September 20-21, 2017 in Kostanay, Kostanai region of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Investment Forum "Kostanay Invest 2017" will be held.

Kostanay Invest 2017 is an open dialogue between business and government, a unique platform for considering investment opportunities in the Kostanay region in four sectors of the economy: agricultural, mining, machine building and tourism. The forum provides a platform for the exchange of experience among entrepreneurs, discussions on improving the business environment of the region, as well as presenting the best investment projects for the development of the Kostanay region.

The leitmotif of the upcoming forum will be a discussion of the development strategy of the Kostanay region as an agrarian-industrial region of Kazakhstan. Members of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, representatives of central state bodies, diplomatic corps, domestic, foreign experts from near and far abroad countries, representatives of business structures, heads of international organizations, etc. will participate in the work of the forum "Kostanay-Invest 2017". In addition, Famous politicians and economists, representatives of investment companies, financial institutions, heads of state bodies and national companies will speak at the forum.

The program of the Forum includes such events as: exhibition of investment projects, thematic panel sessions, information tour of large enterprises of the region, realizing investment projects.

Participation in the Forum will provide an opportunity for potential investors to study the economic, legal and other conditions of doing business in the region, familiarize themselves with the investment potential, and discuss prospects of investment cooperation with representatives of official and business circles.

Location: Kostanay, ul. Тәуелсіздік, 85, the regional philharmonic society. E. Umirzakova.

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