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print version send email 6 Апреля 2018


A large-scale republican forum on the Five Social Initiatives of the Head of State was held in Kostanay today. It was organized by the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The chairperson of the federation, Bakytzhan Abdraimov, who opened the forum, voiced his opinion on the initiatives of the Head of State and noted that representatives of trade unions should bring quality information to the workers about these initiatives.

Archimed Mukhambetov, akim of Kostanay region, who spoke at the forum, said that over the years of the country's development, legislative support for decent work was provided, a new model for regulating labor relations was adopted and a legal basis for the development of social partnership was formed, and the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan is a strategic partner and participant of this relationship. It is should be noted that in the Kostanay region the social system is represented by a tripartite commission. One regional and 20 regional. The basic documentary in its work is a tripartite document - an agreement between the regional akimat and representatives of workers represented by a territorial association of trade unions and employers.

In March this year, a solemn signing of the agreement for 2018-2020 took place. Currently, a procedure for signing agreements at the district level is carried out. Systemic work will keep the issue of labor relations under constant control, it willallow to promptly receive information, identify and eliminate violations of workers' rights, said A. Mukhambetov. The head of the region also provided statistical data concerning labor relations. Only concerning the payment of wages in 2017 in Kostanay region more than 120 million tenge was collected to 1 thousand workers in the region.

In 2018, a roadmap for regulating labor relations was adopted and implemented, representing public significance to collective agreements. To date, coverage of collective agreements is 56.5%. It is worth noting that at enterprises where trade union organizations are organized, coverage is 100%. Thanks to the systematic work in 2017, no labor conflicts, strikes and acts of protest were registered in Kostanay region, akim of the region added. Concluding his speech, Archimed Mukhambetov noted the important role of trade union organizations as an institution of public control in the process of implementing the President's Five Social Initiatives. We hope that trade union organizations at all levels will actively participate in solving the described problems, head of the region concluded. Within the framework of the forum, a Memorandum on safety and labor protection and prevention of social and labor conflicts in the region was signed between the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Akimat of Kostanai region, as well as recognition letters and awards to the trade union activists and social partners.

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