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print version send email 15 Сентября 2017

Opening of the mausoleum of Keiky batyr - Nurmahambet Kukembayuly

Opening of the mausoleum of Keiky batyr - Nurmahambet Kukembayuly

In the Amangeldinsky district of Kostanai region near the village of Tasta, a solemn event dedicated to the perpetuation of the memory of the great Kazakh batyr Keiky - Nurmayambet Kukembayly was held.

The opening ceremony of the mausoleum was attended by State Secretary of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gulshara Abdikalykova, akim of Kostanai region Archimedes Mukhambetov, deputies of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, heads of state bodies, public figures, famous scientists, historians, representatives of creative and scientific intelligentsia.

The Secretary of State noted in her speech that the events dedicated to the brave Kazakh batyr Nurmahambet Kukembayli occupy an important socio-political and spiritual and cultural role in strengthening the unity and national spirit of the people.

After the ceremony of burial in the town of Arkalyk on the base of the Theater of the Young Spectator a republican scientific and practical conference devoted to the life of the batyr on the theme "Keiki Batyr. Omir men olimnin tarihy ».

Then the participants of the event with the creative teams of the Kostanay region showed the theatrical performance "Keiki Batyr".

Within the framework of the event, the dedication of akyns, participants of the international aitys, dedicated to Keiki batyr was held.

A concert program was held in the yurt town of Amangeldy district and sports competitions were held, among them: the republican tournament for Kazakh style wrestling, the top race and the alaman race.

It should be noted that Eurasian Resources Group S.a.r.l. is one of the main sponsors for the implementation of this project. Within the framework of mutual cooperation with the akimat of Kostanay oblast and realization of the program "Ruhani zhanaru", 70.0 million tenge was allocated for the construction of the memorial complex. Inside the mausoleum there is a tombstone, 2 steles on each side with tamgas, 2 memorial plaques with portraits of batyr, with texts in 3 languages. The floor is made of granite slabs. Metal doors with ayats from the Quran. Lattice above the door with the batyr name with a tamga. The top of the dome is decorated with a spire with a crescent.

For reference: the skull of Keiki Batyr, one of the leaders of the national liberation movement of 1916, kept in the Kunstkammer in St. Petersburg, was transported to Kazakhstan in October 2016. Keiki Kokembayuly - the legendary Kazakh mergen, the leader of the rebel army of the national liberation movement of 1916. He was born in 1871 in the Bitum area of ​​the Kostanay region and came from the Kipchak family of the Middle Zhuz. Companion and friend of the leader of the Turgai uprising Amangeldy Imanov. After the death of Amangeldy on May 18, 1919 and the death of Khan Abdigapar Keiki, the batyr was forced to leave for Ulytau and Kyzylkum, and on April 22, 1923, he was brutally killed by Red Army soldiers. The Red Army men beheaded Keiki Batyr's body and took his head to Orenburg.

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