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The city of Kostanay celebrated its 138th Birthday. A number of festive events took place in the regional center. In the Park of Culture and Leisure held exhibitions: "Everything is dear to me in this city," a coin forge in the city of Chelyabinsk, an exhibition of collections "Pearls of my collection." There also passed a master class of artists "The beauty of my city", a photo exhibition "Your people, Kostanay!", A concert-game program bibliokruiz "Bibliogid meets guests", bibliotechmob "LaikniSkniga Kostanai".

On the square of K. Baitursynov KSU there was a festival of the best children's vocal performers of 2017 "Golden microphone", a concert of the vocal studio "Armandastar", as well as sports events where athletes and volunteers from the audience competed in armresling, tug of war, car , sawing logs.

In the City Center on this day were the Apple Festival, the contest "The Best Yard"

And sports and entertainment program "Zumba - fitness".

Finally, on the square of the regional akimat, one concert program replaced another: a concert of the ensemble of song and dance of the frontier service of the Committee of National Security of the RK, a concert of the orchestra of Kazakh folk instruments of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Regional Philharmonic. E.Umurzakova, concert of creative collectives and soloists of the city of the Urban Palace of Culture "Miras", festival of Caucasian culture, performance of the brass band, concert program of the Carnival "Kostanai - meni zhuregim!", Festive program of the municipal pop and jazz orchestra "Kostanai Armand Kala".

Akim of the region Archimed Mukhambetov and akim Kostanay Bazyl Zhakupov, who wished the city - prosperity, residents - health and prosperity congratulated city dwellers and guests of the city.

After the congratulation, the ceremony of presenting the badge "Honorary citizen of the region" took place, the owners of which were: Akhmetov Sabyrzhan Akhmetovich - for many years headed Amangeldinsky, Uzynkolsky districts and the city of Arkalyk, Berkenova Assiya Ayipovna - honorary education worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, people's akyn of Kazakhstan, Ayipovna performed on the stage in aitys, defending the honor of the region, Omhizak Bekdeldinovich Ichtylyapov - the head of the peasant farm of Sholaksai LLP, the work experience of more than 40 years, Semenova EPA G. - honorary citizen of Kostanay, awarded "Turdovogo Red Banner", "Kurmet", is active in efforts to strengthen inter-ethnic harmony and the badge "Honorary Citizen of the city of Kostanay," the city mayor presented plaques most deserved Kostanay. At the end of the festive program on the stage were the Kazakh group "Gaoutartas" from Almaty, as well as guests from Russia - the Rock Island group and Russian star Victoria Daineko. The culmination of the holiday was a bright musical and pyrotechnic show.

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