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The Best Ethics Commissioners Decided

On the eve of the First President Day the awards ceremony of the national competition “The best ethics commissioner” took place in Astana. The awards ceremony was devoted to the topic “Integrity on the way towards transformation of conscience” in accordance with key priorities of Ruhani Zhangyru national programme.

The ethics commissioner of Ministry of Finance of the RK T.Zh. Tashmaganbetov was identified as the best ethics commissioner among central governmental authorities while the ethics commissioner of Akim’s office of Akmola oblast N.T. Abdrakhmanov was selected as the best one among local executive bodies. The winners were awarded with certificates of honour and memorable gifts. In addition, they will have an opportunity to familiarize with international practices of implementing ethical standards. The participants of the competition presented the outcomes of their performance in 2018, essays and shared their vision on further development of ethical principles in governmental services.

The competition was held for the first time in the country. Participation in its committee of representatives of civilian sector made it more objective and valuable. The members of the committee were: Vice-Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of the RK S.N. Gromov, head of department of ARKGSAC R.K. Tyulebayev, technical advisor of regional hub for governmental services M.I. Uteshev, Chairman of National Anti-corruption Social Council of Nur Otan party Zh.A. Dzharassov, Chairman of Craft Union of Government Bodies, Banking Institutions and Public Services M.Kh. Zhakypov, Vice-Chairman of APK I.T. Salzhanov, Chairman of the Board of Kazakhstani Congress of the Tatars and Bashkirs RPO T.A. Karimov, Rector of KAZGUU T.M. Narikbayev, moderator of Business Channel Ye. Mukhamedzhanov, Chairman of The First Anti-Corruption Media-Centre RPO T.Z. Baygulov, President of Social Fund of Parliamentarism Development Z.K. Battalova.

Executive secretaries of central governmental authorities and heads of akim’s offices of the oblasts also participated in the ceremony.

Institution of ethics commissioners is a new development for our country. The results of the competition demonstrated the significant experience of implementing ethical standards in governmental services gained by ethics commissioners. Moreover, such events motivate them for showing better performance in their work. The competition is aimed to find the best ethics commissioner and form a top list of commissioners. Kostanay oblast is ranked the third in the list.    

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