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Кайдаров Берик Молдабаевич
Директор филиала Акционерного общества Национальная компания "КТЖ" "Костанайское отделения дороги"

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Awards for sports achievements

The annual ceremony honoring the best sportsmen, coaches and people who have contributed to the development of sports was held in the city of Kostanay. Summing up the sports year in this format has become a tradition.

This year, awards - medal, diplomas and letters of gratitude were received by about three dozen people. The Akim of the region Archimed Mukhambetov congratulated sportsmen who achieved high results and victories at competitions of different levels, as well as their mentors, who celebrated their hard work and called 2018 a “star” year for the Kostanay residents, and first of all thanks to the victory of the Paralympic player Alexander Kolyadin at the winter games in Pyeongchang.

“The development of sports has always received great attention from the state, for example, this year we completed the construction of new sports infrastructure facilities, including through public-private partnership”, the head of the region emphasized. “In general, in 2018 about 60 sports facilities were commissioned. In 2019, a sports complex in the city of Zhetikara will be commissioned, and construction of a ski base will begin, about KZT 400 million will be allocated for this facility. In addition, we have now begun the reconstruction of stadiums, which will have all the necessary modern infrastructure.

Archimed Mukhambetov also noted that the task of the Head of State to cover 30% of the population with sports in the region has been completed, today this figure is 31.4%:

“We fulfilled the order of our President ahead of schedule. We will not stop there and ensure the availability of sports facilities by developing children's and youth sports, thereby increasing the number of future champions.”

Then the regional Akim solemnly presented the awards to sportsmen and their coaches who distinguished themselves with their achievements following the results of the year, as well as people who contributed to the development of sports.

Those awarded included a master of sports of international class of the Republic of Kazakhstan in athletics, a champion and silver medalist of the Asian Indoor Championships, a participant in the XVIII Summer Asian Games 2018 in Jakarta Tatiana Neroznak.

“I managed to do everything planned in the outgoing year, for me it was very significant in terms of sports, first of all I will remember that I fulfilled the standard of the international-class master of sports and won the Asian Championship”, the girl shared. “Every year I set certain goals and tasks that I am trying to achieve. This year I set a country record in a 3-thousand-meter race, which no one could beat since 1965, but I managed it and I covered this distance in 9 minutes 17 seconds.

The 29 years old athlete is not going to stop, and in 2019 she sets a new goal for herself: participation in the World Athletics Championship. In the future, Tatiana sees herself as a coach and dreams of raising more than one generation of Olympic champions.

The photo by Roman VOLSKY

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