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More than 36 billion tenge allocated for the development of transport infrastructure in Kostanay region

Akim of the Kostanay region A.B. Mukhambetov reported about it during the briefing in the Central Communications Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan, herewith he noted that the road network is one of the longest in the country and is more than 9.3 thousand kilometers.

“This year, 36.7 billion tenge were allocated for the development of transport infrastructure with an increase of 27.6% - said Arkhimed Begezhanovich, - this allowed to reconstruct 18.4 km of roads, overhaul of 26.4 km, average repair of 441 km”.

The repair covers roads and streets of all districts and towns of Kostanay region. Among the new technologies used in the repair work on the roads, a well-established method of cold recycling is used in the region.

Besides reconstruction of the runway of the "Airport" in Kostanai, with a total value of 8.0 billion tenge. This will increase the number of routes and flights, passenger traffic, inbound and outbound tourism.

Also, A. Mukhambetov informed the media that special attention is paid to the improvement of the yard areas. This year, 35 playgrounds with the installation of game forms, gymnastic complexes and street simulators were equipped, 21 mini football fields and 15 hockey courts for 600.0 million tenge were installed. In 2019, 1.6 billion tenge will be allocated for the construction of yard areas.