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What will the saved funds from the Kostanay regional budget be spent for?

In Kostanay, in the course of an extraordinary session of the sixth convocation of the regional maslikhat, the saved funds of the Kostanay region budget were redistributed. During the session, the deputy head of the regional department of economy and budget planning, Yelena Deriy, reported how much money would be spent and what for. The review of the regional budget for 2018–2020, as Ye. Deriy noted, was associated with budget savings. “Reduction of funds by the regional administrator of budget programs in relation to the savings based on the results of government procurement amounted to 2 billion tenge. The main issue of today's session is the distribution of the funds for the prime budget needs,” she explained. First of all, funds in the amount of 452.6 million tenge are planned to be spent for completion of the construction of gas distribution networks, as well as the issuance of a technical passport for commissioning the facility. This, by the way, will allow access to gas supply for 2,400 users in Amankarai village of Auliyekol district.

Also, a considerable amount of money – 404.5 million tenge – will be spent for street maintenance due to the setting up of new micro-districts in the city, and 380.5 million tenge will be spent to subsidize the interest rate on loans within the framework of the “BRM-2020” Unified Program of Business Support and Development, in order to support 101 entrepreneurs. “It is planned to allocate 172.2 million tenge for the completion of a major repair of the Novoilinovskaya secondary school of the Taran district. 133 million tenge is planned to be spent to continue the medium repair of the “Amangeldi-Orpek-Rakhmet-Alibi” regional road, as well as to begin a routine repair of the Arkalyk-Torgay regional-level road. 140.6 million tenge will be spent for transportation of 10 thousand tons of fuel oil from the Tendi station to the Arkalyk destination station for Arkalyk fuel and energy complex. Also, 100 million tenge will be allocated for continuing the construction of a block-modular boiler house in the Yubileinyi micro-district in Kostanay.” Ye. Deriy said.

Additional funding – 71 million tenge – will be allocated for the construction of the Ice Palace in Kostanay. As it was noted in the department, the financing was associated with a positive conclusion of the state expertise, according to which the project cost was increased. About 70 million tenge is planned to be spent to pay salaries to educators due to the increase in mixed age classes in Kostanay district, and 63 million tenge – for the reconstruction of a 12-apartment residential building in Amangeldi for newly-arrived young professionals. “Also, 3.4 million tenge will be spent to maintain the building along 44 Al-Farabi Street (the former mosque building), 3.2 million tenge – to produce costumes for actors of the regional philharmonic hall and 1 million tenge – to begin a major overhaul of the House of Culture in Kachar village,” noted Ye. Deriy. “The whole scope of work will be carried out and funds will be expended in 2018.” Akim of the region, Arkhimed Mukhambetov, also took part in the session. He commented on the funds planned for distribution and asked deputies of the regional maslikhat to support the decision on the redistribution of savings. “Today, important issues have been considered. The most important thing is to timely distribute salaries to public sector employees, civil servants, pay for utilities. In general, everything we planned this year has been achieved. We continue gasification, this year we are connecting Amankaragai that is 2,400 users. It is a large settlement: more than 7 thousand people live there. 452 million tenge was allocated, we are at the final stage now. I hope that the settlement will be supplied with gas by the Independence Day,” the head of the region noted. He also commented on the funds allocated for the purchase of fuel oil for Arkalyk fuel and energy complex. “In terms of fuel oil in Arkalyk fuel and energy complex: we have 7-8 thousand tons in stock, 10 thousand tons are purchased. 140 million tenge was allocated for the transportation. Tariff escalation in the city is not expected,” A. Mukhambetov added.        

Today, according to the akim, the work of local bodies should be focused on interaction with sectoral ministries on the implementation of the Presidential Address. According to the akim, the remaining 782 million tenge of the budget savings will be transferred to the budget of 2019.

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