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The issues of preventing and eliminating steppe and forest fires were discussed today at the office meeting in the regional Akimat.

As it turned out, in the fire-hazardous period of 2017, 33 forest fires occurred on the territory of the Kostanay region forest lands, which was 9% more than in 2016. Last year, fires in the territory of steppe lands increased by 6%. In this regard, according to the information of T. Kakimov, Head of the Emergency Department of the Kostanay region, this year a firefighting team was formed to liquidate forest and steppe fires in the territory of the Kostanay region with a total of 140 people and 29 firefighting equipment. In addition, 3 firefighting trains will be used to extinguish fires.

“In addition, in order to work out the order of interaction between the authorities of command and control of forces and means for responding to extinguishing wildfires that arise in the border areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation, in the period of 15-18 May a command-staff exercise of the operational teams of the Emergency Department of the Kostanay region and the Main Directorate of EMERCOM of Russia in the Chelyabinsk region has been planned,” T. Kakimov said.

Moreover, in order to prevent fires, the region conducts space monitoring of the territory of the region, contributing to early detection of fires and catching fires. Thus, Geosat LLP provides images of temperature anomalies in the region. In addition, a separate image shows the thermal points, indicating the location and coordinates of the object of possible fire.

“In general, for the prevention and extinguishing of steppe fires of district and municipal scale, as well as in settlements where state fire prevention services have not been established, KZT 5 million 719 thousand are provided in the city and district budgets. KZT 206,491,900 of the regional budget are provided for forest fire prevention and liquidation activities” T. Kakimov informed.

However, in some areas, according to the head of the Emergency Department of the region, due attention to financing the prevention and elimination of wildfires has not been paid. Thus, for example, in the Denisov district only KZT 230 thousand was allocated for the prevention and liquidation of natural fires, in the Uzynkol district only 120 liters of fuel are provided. In connection with the approaching season, the Akimat of districts and cities was instructed to take this issue under special control.

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