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print version send email 22 Марта 2018

A monument gratitude to the kazakh people is to be set up in Kostanay

Ethnocultural associations of the Kostanay region put forward an initiative to establish a monument of gratitude to the Kazakh people in Kostanay.

Today during celebration ofNauryz on the central square of Kostanayakim of the Kostanay region ArchimedMukhambetov congratulated citizens and guests of the cityon the annual national holiday. Right after celebration the akim visited a yurt town established opposite to the building of the local administration and also visited the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. "I congratulate you on thisespeciallyimportant holiday! Nauryzhas already been celebrated for 30 years. It is a common holiday for all Kazakhstan citizens which unites everyone and aims at solution of general issues. I am sure that the role of ethnocultural associations is very important in solution of the tasks announced by the Head of our state in Five Social Initiatives", ArchimedMukhambetov noted.

Chairman of the Regional Council of Veterans of the Kostanay region KenzhebekUkinalso spoke about the first celebration of Nauryz, "I had had great privilege in 1991 to start the Nauryzholiday in our Kostanay regionafter break for more than half a century. It was in early May. At that time we could not findyurts and had to bring from southern regions. We all were so inspired with celebration that the first year fixed in our memoriesforever. Since then we celebrate Nauryz. Let Nauryzgift wellbeing, health and happinessto each home and family". In conclusion of the conversation representatives of ethnocultural associations of the regionput forwardthe initiative to set up a monument of gratitude to the Kazakh people in Kostanay.

"Today we take the initiative ofethnocultural associations and suggest to establish a monument of gratitude to the Kazakh people in Kostanay. As soon as all heads of ethnocultural associations gatherwe will discuss the project, prepare the design and estimate documentation and present it to you to get approval", told head of the ErebuniArmenian community TigranBadalyan addressing the akim. ArchimedMukhambetov supported the idea and charged akim of the city BazylZhakupov to allocate a place for the future monument.,"It is necessary provide a good place so that there will be a square, and in the future this place will become a favourite placeof all citizens and guests", emphasized the head of the region.

Besides, ethnoculturalassociations plan to construct this memorial at their own expense. They plan to develop the design and estimate documentation during a couple of months and to submit a visual draft of the project to the akim of the region. The monumentis planned to be set up by the end of this summer or by the fall right after definition of the place.

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