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  • Mobile groups of the Emergency Department are directed to the flood-prone areas of the Kostanay region
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print version send email 27 Марта 2018

Mobile groups of the Emergency Department are directed to the flood-prone areas of the Kostanay region

In the Kostanay region, 100 settlements are subject to floods this year, to some of which mobile teams of the Emergency Department from the Kostanay region were sent to monitor the situation. Talgat Kakimov, the head of the regional Emergency Department, said this during an expanded meeting in the regional Akimat.

As early as March 20, the territorial subsystem of the state system of civil protection of the Kostanay region was put on high alert in the region. “Since March 24, the regional operational headquarters for coordinating the activities of the command and control agencies in the conditions of deterioration of the flood situation has been deployed in the Crisis Center of the Emergency Department of the Kostanay region. To assess the readiness of local executive bodies for the flood period and control over the work on cleaning the culverts, the Emergency Department created mobile groups that will be sent to the most flood-prone areas of the region - Arkalyk, Auliyekol, Naurzum, Karasu, Kostanay, Uzunkol, Sarykol and Mendykary districts, informed T. Kakimov. By the way, the first mobile groups have already started their work. On March 23, the first mobile group was sent to the city of Arkalyk and Amangeldy district. In addition, since March 24, there have been organized on-duty monitoring of the flood situation on 11 flood-prone hydraulic structures.

“Since March 15 local authorities and road organizations have started work on cleaning culverts on the roads of the region. To date, the culverts have been completely cleaned on the roads of regional and local significance, 601 out of 731 roads of the republican significance have been cleaned. The work on cleaning the culverts is planned to be completed until April 1, reported the head of the Emergency Department to the regional Akim.

To estimate the flood situation, on March 28, the Emergency Department plans to fly around the southern areas of the region most prone to floods - the city of Arkalyk, Zhangeldy, Amangeldy districts and Ulytau district of the neighboring Karaganda region. It should be noted that, taking into account the latest adjustment, the number of settlements subject to flooding in the Kostanay region has been increased from 97 to 100. This is 2,336 residential buildings with a population of 8,277 people, 127 road sections with a length of 36.8 km. Let's remind that a month ago, the Akim of the Kostanay region ArchimedMukhambetov informed about the beginning of preparation for anti-flood measures.

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