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print version send email 8 Октября 2018

Metropolitan of Astana and Kazakhstan visited the Kostanay Region

Head of the Region Arkhimed Mukhambayev held an official meeting with Metropolitan Alexander of Astana and Kazakhstan in the regional administration. “Each of your visit is a holiday for us. I know you have a big program scheduled. Socio-political and religious situation in our region is stable. Representatives of all ethnicities have friendly relations between each other. I travel around our districts and visit churches. I know how things stand with heating and water in churches”, - noted the Mayer of the Region.

During the two-day visit, Metropolitan Alexander went to see the grounds of mass execution and burial of civilians and priests. One of such places is located on the territory of the present-day “Technodom arena” in the city of Kostanay. Metropolitan Alexander proposed to install a monument commemorating the victims of execution. “According to available incomplete data, four thousand executed men have been buried here. Each man’s duty is to remember one’s history. We shouldn’t become like rolling stones who don’t remember their ancestry. We should remember even the toughest lessons of history. A monument has to be installed here, so that atrocities that we learn about from historical references don’t ever happen again”, - said Metropolitan Alexander.

Metropolitan Alexander of Astana and Kazakhstan also visited the temple of Michael the Archangel and the Constantino-Yelenin Cathedral in Kostanay.

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