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print version send email 28 Марта 2018

Kostanay agrarians were warned of a shortage of soil moisture

The agrarians of the Kostanay region are warned of a certain shortage of soil moisturebecause of dry winter and low density of snow in the Kostanay region this year.

This was announced by AlmabekNugmanov, director of Karabalyk Agricultural Experimental Station LLP during an expanded meeting on preparations for spring field work. ArchimedMukhambetov, Akim of the Kostanay region, opening the meeting warned about possible problems with a deficiency of soil moisture. “Taking into account the conditions of this year, measures to accumulate and preserve soil moisture are relevant. Insufficient precipitation that fell in the autumn-winter period, low snow cover allows us to assume that the expected reserve of soil moisture this spring will not exceed 67-75%. The probability of early snow cover is high;therefore, it is necessary to keep the available moisture as much as possible”, noted the head of the region.

The topic was continued by the director of the experimental station A. Nugmanov, who stressed that each agricultural season has its own characteristics, and this year was no exception. According to him, from the beginning of the year through February, 86.4 mm of precipitation had fallen, which is 27.5 mm, or 24.1%, less than the average annual average. The average air temperature for this period was -5.30C, with an average annual rate of -6.10C. “The moisture reserves in the soil before leaving for winter on the main agronomies were significantly higher than the average annual norms. However, because of the dry winter and the low density of snow, the accumulated water on this date is much less than the average monthly rates”, explained A. Nugmanov.

-As a whole, the total moisture balance over the autumn-winter period, especially in autumn plowing and stubble, is lower than in normal years, as a result of which a certain deficit of soil moisture will be felt before sowing this year, especially at the depth of seeding”.

In connection with the high probability of early snow cover, agricultural producers are advised to conduct timely and prompt closure of moisture throughout the area, regardless of the cultivation history. This, according to A. Nugmanov, in the conditions of this year will play a decisive role in obtaining amicable sprouting. “For this, it is required to make maximum use of all available elements of the moisture-resource-saving technology of cultivation of field crops, with minimal non-mechanical tillage and maximum preservation of plant mulch on its surface.

Studies conducted in the Karabalyk agricultural experimental station show that using such technologies, moisture in the soil is preserved by 10-15% more not only in the spring period, but throughout the growing season”, outlined A. Nugmanov the recommendations for the spring field work. In addition, farmers are advised not to machine chemical pairs and stubble fields, relatively clean from weeds. And it is recommended to use vibrating weeders when closing the moistureon the fields that have a large number of sowing residues with a rare stubble, and on soils with a danger of formation of a soil crust.

The head of the region ArchimedMukhambetov noted that in a relatively short period of time a large amount of work is to be done. “It is necessary to carry out work on the closure of moisture, the destruction of weed vegetation and the measures to control pests. The harvest depends on this”, said A. Mukhambetov.

“In addition, to make the agro-industrial complex of the region competitive, we must continue to diversify the structure of sown areas, develop promising areas of agricultural production, apply innovative technologies and move actively to digitalization”.

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