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Ещанов Сайлаубек Ергазиевич
Секретарь Костанайского областного маслихата

Contact Information

Телефон доверия: +7 (7142) 575-603

Investment in Human Capital Assets as a Factor of Economic Growth

There was a briefing meeting with Lisakovsk akim Mt. Ismagulov held at the information site of the Regional Communications Service.

— In the Address to the people of Kazakhstan on New Development Opportunities in the Conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution the President pays special attention to the development of human capital assets as the basis of modernization, - said Ismagulov. — It was in the seventh direction of the Address that the President voiced the need to create all necessary conditions for the qualitative growth of human capital assets. In this direction our city creates all necessary conditions. This is evidenced by the fact that the population of the city has not decreased over the past 20 years. So on January 1, 1998 the population was 38,000 people, in 2008 it counted to 40,696 people, and in 2018 it is 40,842 people.

For comparison, I will give an example: the number of school students is stable and amounts to 3 827 people, the increase in the number of students this year amounted to 126 children, that is 3.3%.

It should be noted that the city budget is socially oriented. In comparison with 2016 it increased by 400 million tenge only in the field of education.

The network of educational institutions of Lisakovsk consists of 8 secondary schools, 8 kindergartens, 1 mini-center and 4 organizations of additional education providing children of different categories with equal access to educational services at all levels.

Pre-school education and training is one of the priorities of the state educational policy. Therefore, affordable and high-quality pre-school education for young residents of the city is the most important priority of our activities.

Over the past 5 years, 4 kindergartens have been opened in the city, including the kindergarten opened last year under the PPP program. This gave us the opportunity to implement 100% coverage of children who want to attend kindergarten.

Implementing the program of early development of children outlined by the President, English is already being studied and information technologies are being introduced in all kindergartens of the city. This approach ensures the successful adaptation of children in secondary education system.

Introducing the updated content, 7 teachers of preschool organizations were among the authors of national textbooks and manuals.

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