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Active Use of Solar and Wind Energy in the Kostanay Region

IntheKostanayregion, six new projects are being implemented besides thetworepresentedprojectsatEXPO-2017 related to renewable sources of energy.Head of the Electric Board and the Housing and Utility Infrastructure Almat Issenbayev reported duringthestaff meeting in the regional akimat.

According to the provided information by the board, currently in the Kostanay region in 10 districtsand 4 citiessmall renewable energy sources such as solar and solar-wind power stations, solar energy collecting panels andheaters have been constructed. “AfterhavingheldtheInternationalSpecializedExposition EXPO-2017 implementation of the technologies presented at it are under continuous control. Theprojectspresentedby the Kostanay region at the exposition have been implemented. Theyare “OrganicWasteto Biogas RetreatmentFacility”of Karaman-K LLP and “PET-bottles recycle” of SMF-System LLP. 6 more projects are successfully being implemented,” A. Issenbayev informed. Threeofthemhavebeenimplementedattheexpenseofthestatefunds;they areinstallment of the solar accumulators in Lisakovsk city, ecological boiler equipment Vissmann atState-owned public enterprise Tobol, a 3 kW hybrid solar-wind power station in Nauruzum district. Theremainingthreeprojectshavebeencreatedattheexpenseofprivate investments; they are Bolotov rotor wind turbine, “green heating”–solar heaters of 200 and 300 liters, 9 kW solar-wind power stations. “The work on implementation of the 4 moreprojectsattheexpenseofthestatefundsand 3 projectsattheexpenseofprivateinvestmentsare continuing onthe 7 chosentechnologies, presented at the EXPO-2017,”the head of the electric board added. InthecourseofthereportAlmatIssenbayevnotedthesignificancefor the Kostanay region oftheI International Auction on Project Selection for Construction of Solar-wind Power Stations held in May, 2018. Accordingtotheresultsoftheauction,the winner in the sphere of the project for construction of solar-wind power stations up to 50 MWhas become ZhelElektrik LLP. Now, inaccordancewiththetermsoftheauction, theenterpriseshall conclude the contract on procurement of electric energy with Accounting and Finance Center JSC and put the solar-wind power station into operation within 36 months.

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