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print version send email 15 Марта 2018

Export of the region increased by 15,8%

During the meeting Deputy Head of the region Meirzhan Myrzaliev reported on the development and promotion of export in Kostanay region.

Accordingtofiguresofthestatisticalauthority, the external trading of Kostanay region upon the results of 2017amounted to over two billion dollars. Lastyeartherewasasignificantincrease,because by comparison with 2016 the indicators has increased by 23,6%. “InspiteofthefactthatKostanayregionoccupies 11thplaceinexport turnover among other regions of Kazakhstan and takes 2,4% share of the total turnover, the region is a leader in the specific groups of products. Thus, over90%ofironoreproductsand 100% ofiron-orepellets and asbestos are produced in the region”, M. Myrzaliev reported.

Thestructureoftheregionalexportconsistsof 47,6% ofmineral products, 46,5% offood products (wheat flour, wheat, flax seeds, confectionery products), 3,7% ofmetals and the remained 2% is attributed to other products. Ingeneral, Kostanayregionconducts the external trading with over 60 countries across the world.Uponthat, themaincountries, whichKostanay products are supplied to, areRussia, China, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran. “Fourtypesofproductsarethe leadersintheexportsupplies of the region:grain, flour, iron-orepellets and asbestos. Overthepastyearof 2017 comparedto2016 the turnover of iron ore products increased by 26,3%, asbestos increased by 4,7%, howeverthe turnover of grain and flour export reduced by 7,9% and 1,2% respectively”, the Deputy Akim of the region noted. Themainreasonforthe decliningexportof grainandflouristhe record gross grain harvest in Russia performed last year. According to M. Myrzalieva, the decline was affected by higher costs for freight logistics services, lack of and late place of cars aswell, whichaffecttheultimatepriceforexportedproductionandmake it non-competitive.

“Inspiteofthis, ingeneral, export of the region increased by 15,8% and amounted to over one billion USA dollars in 2017 comparedto 2016”, he underlined. Inaddition, inspiteofthesefourhighly prioritizedexportingproducts, there is a potential for export development upon the range of other directions. “Taking into considerationtheongoingproductionandtheimplementedprojects within the framework of the Map of Industrial development over the last 7 years, the list of the perspective export-oriented production has been drawn up. Itis, forexample, cattleandpoultrymeat, vegetable oil, flour, macaroni products, eggs, passenger cars, replacement parts foragricultural equipment, steelworks”, M. Myrzaliev reported. Ingeneral, thereare 30 typesofcommercialproduction, and they are the very products in the region on which export is planned to be established inthe near future.

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