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print version send email 25 Декабря 2018

The only waste sorting complex in the region was launched in the Kostanay region

The Akim of the Kostanay region Archimed Mukhambetov visited the launch of the region’s only waste sorting complex.

As the management of the company assured, there are no waste sorting complexes of such scale in the Kostanay region.

“The capacity of the line allows sorting about 40 thousand tons of garbage per year, and with round-the-clock operation of the complex in three shifts, it is possible to increase processing to 120 thousand tons of solid household waste”, the complex’s director Zhandos Zhaksybayev said.

The founders of the complex are ECOCITYKZ LLP, Nonwoven Fabric Factory LLP and S.M.F-System LLP.

“Our “Eco City” project consists of three stages. The first stage is a waste sorting complex, which we are launching today, that is, there will be the immediate sorting of all types of waste from bottles and polyethylene, to paper. The second stage is the washing of polymers, they will be cleaned for further use. Further use is the third stage - recycling of waste, that is, shredded household waste will be recycled into secondary raw materials, which will be used directly in the finished product”, Zh. Zhaksybayev explained.

“The total cost of the project is about KZT 3 million. At the first stage, this is our own funds, and then we plan to attract investors, because the project’s return on investment is good”, the director of the complex said. The organizers of such an ambitious project for the region are confident in the first stage to pay off in 1.5 years. Garbage is planned to be used from Zatobolsk, Kostanay district as a whole. But the latest equipment was imported from Belarus.

In the future, the management of the complex proposes that in the construction of a new microdistrict in Zatobolsk “Nur Alem”, a furnace with recycled waste will be provided for in the project of the boiler house to be built. This, in their opinion, will reduce the cost of heating, and ash and soot can be used in the production of cement.

The Akim approved the proposal and instructed the relevant authorities to review and consider it.

“The processing of 120 thousand cubic meters of garbage per year will be provided by shop at its full capacity and around-the-clock work. Zatobolsk produces 40 thousand cubes, then where will you get the remaining 80 thousand? It is necessary to organize the export from the regional center”, - the Akim of the region Archimed Mukhambetov said. “You are asking for state support measures, conducting the gas supply. We will support all of this, but you must supply equipment with a deeper processing of the material.”

As part of this order, the plans of the management of the enterprise have already included the construction of a fiber production plant.

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