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print version send email 4 Апреля 2018

Archimed Mukhambetov warned debtors on salary

In recent years in the Kostanay region, there has been an increase in violations of labor relations. Deputy akim of the region Marat Zhundubayev informed about the results of the audit for 2017 during the extended meeting of the regional akimat.

According to the deputy akim of the region, in 2017, the authorized body for labor received a little more than a thousand complaints on the facts of violations of labor rights of employees, following the examination of which about 700 BDA inspections were carried out. At the same time, in comparison with 2016, the number of violations detected increased by 37%, of which 34% for labor relations, 81% for occupational health and safety, as for employment, the number of violations revealed more than doubled, said M. Zhundubayev.

For the attention of the present persons, I note that in terms of the number of violations detected Kostanai region is among the top five after the East Kazakhstan region, Aktyubinsk, SKR and NKO. It was noted that most of the violations identified during the inspections, to date, were eliminated. Therefore, in 2017, fines were imposed on BDAs for KZT 36 million. In tis year, 8 million tenge has already been collected from the violators in favor of state income.

As it was found out, large part of application is formed by questions of salary payment. Last year authorized body ordered to collect salaries for tenge for thousands of employees, and as a whole, within the framework of the activities of the current anti-crisis headquarters, it was possible to repay debts on wages by almost 250 million tenge, M. Zhundubayev said.

Today, the wage arrears amount to KZT 1.1 million at 1 enterprise - it is APN LLP in Kostanay. During the meeting, the names of enterprises and the names of managers of debtor companies on wages were sounded. Despite the imposed fines, many enterprises continue to violate labor laws. At the same time, they are not limited to non-payment of salaries; some even deprive their employees of pension payments. Each of such leaders personally responded to the akim of the region Archimed Mukhambetov during the meeting.

The most important thing is that there are levers to impact on all employers. I do not cause threats, I do not frighten, but once again, I politely warn and remind about Article 87 of the Administrative Code. We will keep constant monitoring, and fines will be implemented to those who will not pay, measures will be taken towards them, said Archimed Mukhambetov. As a result of the meeting, akims of the districts and cities, relevant departments and law enforcement agencies were instructed to monitor the debtor enterprises on a regular basis and to take the issue under control.

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