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The results of socio-economic development of the Kostanay region for the first quarter of 2018 were summed up today during the office meeting in the regional Akimat.

As noted, positive indicators have been achieved in all areas, in particular in the mining sector and the automobile industry. The deputy Akim of the region Yerlan Spanov reported on the main indicators of development. For example, in agriculture, gross output amounted to KZT 24.9 billion, an increase of 5.9%. Growth has been achieved in animal husbandry, and almost all types of livestock. “In the region there is an increase in the production of meat, milk and eggs. This became possible also thanks to lending. KZT 1.3 billion out of KZT 32.2 billion of new loans were given to agricultural enterprises,” Ye. Spanov said.

“In addition, almost the whole cycle of production of basic crops and livestock is covered by state support in the form of subsidies. This year the region allocated KZT 27.3 billion of subsidies, KZT 2.2 billion of which has already been spent”. Speaking about investments that pay special attention to the region, over the three months, according to the deputy Akim of the region, KZT 34.4 billion was attracted to the region, including foreign investments – KZT 4.8 billion. “A significant part of the total volume of investments is owned and borrowed funds – 90.5% or KZT 31.1 billion, budgetary funds accounted for 9.5%. In the context of the economic branches, investment increased in industry by 43.7%, agriculture - 6.3%, transactions with real estate - 22.4%” Ye. Spanov explained.

Ye. Spanov particularly focused on public-private partnership, which is also a source of attracting investment in the region. It appeared that today 61 projects with an investment of more than KZT 22 billion are in operation. PPP contracts have already been concluded for KZT 12.1 billion on 20 projects. Thanks to PPP projects, including the volume of completed construction works amounted to KZT 9.7 billion, or 123.2% over three months of this year. So, 77.5 thousand square meters of housing, or 630 apartments, have been introduced.

Ye. Spanov noted that the growth of indicators in the economy of the region allowed to maintain stability in the social sphere, due to which the unemployment rate was 4.8%. “The measures to ensure employment in 2018 is planned to cover 22.4 thousand people, during the reporting period more than 5.1 thousand people have been covered, or 23% of the annual plan. Since the beginning of the year, 1,833 jobs have been created. 6,4 thousand people addressed the employment agencies for assistance in employment, 60% of which have already been employed,” the deputy Akim of the region said. The Akim of the region, Arkhimed Mukhambetov, noted the good work of all regions as a whole following the results of the report. “In general, the tasks we set ourselves for the first quarter have been achieved. During this period, we mainly carried out public procurement. Now the season of construction and repair works begins, the work will be strengthened to attract investment, to introduce housing. We should overfulfill all indicators. Our large industrial enterprises will face large tasks in the summer,” the head of the region noted.

The Akim of the region also informed that the construction of another factory is planned to be carried out in the city of Rudny at the Sokolovsko-Sarbaiskoe Mining and Processing Enterprise line. “The design and estimate documentation for the construction of a new factory is being developed. The cost is $ 800 million. I hope the construction will start in the near future,” the regional Akim said. “This factory will be designed for the supply of iron ore for Magnitogorsk Combine. And the old factory in the city of Kachar will supply ore to ArcelorMittal Temirtau and China”. The head of the region also spoke about the development of an important industry in the region – the automobile industry.

“This year, the release of 12 thousand cars is announced, we hope, the plan will be overfulfilled. In June, the transaction for the entry of the capital of the Chinese company CNC into the Allur group of companies should be completed -51%.

We hope that with the arrival of a foreign investor, the number of cars produced will also increase,” Arkhimed Mukhambetov concluded. It should be noted that following the results of 2018 in the region it is planned to ensure the growth of the domestic regional product at the level of 5%.

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