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print version send email 14 Мая 2018

Archimed Mukhambetov marked the terms of the sowing campaign

The head of the region, Archimed Mukhambetov, who started the sowing campaign in the Kostanay region, was instructed to finish before the summer, the deadline - June 3. According to the information provided to the Akim of the region by the branch of Kazhydromet, up to May 25 clear days without precipitation are expected in the region. In this connection, Archimed Mukhambetov instructed to join actively all the regions and agricultural formations of the region in the 11 days and complete the sowing campaign by June. “It will be necessary for each district to pass on massively to sowing. We must sow in the optimal time. This, it can be said, is half the success of the campaign,” the Akim said during the office meeting. “According to the information of the Agriculture Department, for today there are slightly more than 57 thousand hectares of crops cultivated in the region”. The head of the region voiced several instructions to the heads of districts and cities in order to complete the sowing campaign in an organized and short time.

“It is necessary to continue lending to agricultural enterprises through the Agrarian Credit Corporation until full implementation of the filed applications for financing. To date, our region has been given KZT 10 billion 600 million”, Mukhambetov noted. “In addition, it is necessary to speed up the payment and picking of the allocated volumes of diesel fuel. 71 thousand tons have been allocated to our region, of which only 48 thousand tons have been received so far. From the tank farms only 40 thousand tons or 57% were chosen. Weak picking rates in the city of Arkalyk -33%, Naurzum district 43%, Amangeldy district -43%, Karabalyk -47%, Taran district -48%. That is, seven named districts need to speed up the picking. Tomorrow you will not have time, the price will rise”. Among the instructions is also to speed up the export of seeds to air-heat heating and to ensure seed dressing in full, which is about 550 thousand tons. “It is necessary from May 15 to begin mass sowing of grain crops and complete it, the deadline is July 3. It is also necessary to allocate the structure of crop areas, especially for sowing oil-bearing and forage crops, potatoes and confirm statistical reporting in the form of agriculture. Without this form, no one will be accepted. And the last thing is to carry out timely measures to combat locust pests, ensure the development of financial resources from the republican and local budgets”, Archimed Mukhambetov concluded.

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