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print version send email 25 Октября 2017

Appointed Kayrat Abishev was appointed as an akim of Uzynkol district

Today, in the Uzynkol district, in agreement with the deputies of the district maslikhat, the first deputy akim of the Kostanay region GauezNurmukhambetov introduced KairatAbishev to the local people a new akim.

KairatAbishev was born in 1969 in the village of Timofeev in the Zhetisu district. He has two higher educations: in 1992 he graduated from the Kostanay Agricultural Institute with a degree in agronomy, in 2015 the Almaty Academy of Economics and Statistics - economics and business.

He started his career as an agronomist of the brigade "Kara-Kura" of the Nauruzum district, also served as deputy akim of the Auliekol district, deputy akim of the city of Arkalyk.

In turn, the former akim of Uzynkol district KanatSarsembayev was appointed head of the apparatus of the akim of the North-Kazakhstan region.

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