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print version send email 24 Октября 2017

Erlan Zhamanov is appointed as an akim of Altynsarin district

Akim of the region, Arhimed Mukhambetov, during the business trip to Altynsarin district, in consultation with the deputies of the district maslikhat, presented the new akim of the district at the meeting with the activists. YerlanZhamanov, who previously headed the Denisov district of the Kostanay region, was appointed as the akim of the district.

YerlanZhamanov was born in 1968 in the village of Stepnyak, Amangeldy district, Kostanay region.

Higher education: graduated from the Karaganda State Medical Institute with a degree in hygienist, epidemiologist, Karaganda State University. E. Buketov, majoring in jurisprudence.

In different years he worked as a sanitary doctor for food hygiene, deputy chief doctor, and chief doctor of the Arkalyk city SES. He also held the posts of the head of the State Sanitary Epidemiological Supervision Department in Arkalyk, the deputy akim of Arkalyk for communal issues.

Since 2013, he is the akim of Denisovs district.

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