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print version send email 18 Октября 2017

Akim region visits Sarycol and Karasu regions with a working trip

In Sarykol village, ArhimedMukhambetov got acquainted with the progress of the major overhaul of the sports hall. So, in the current year, within the framework of the program "Ruhanizhangyru", due to raised funds for the amount of 45 million tenge, the roofing, material bikrost, was replaced. Repair of this sports facility will create conditions for additional physical education classes for all strata of the population, including students of the Sarıkol College of Agribusiness and Law.

Further, the head of the region visited the village of Tagil in the Sarykol district, where he was informed about the reconstruction of the distributing water supply network whose cost is more than 270 million tenge. Upon completion of the works, 220 subscribers are to be provided with high-quality drinking water. Commissioning of the facility in November of the current year. Akim of the region instructed to finish all kinds of works qualitatively and on time.

In the Karasu district, ArhimedMukhambetov visited a number of facilities that were restored after the April floods, an akim inspected the 13th and 14th kilometers of the road to the village of Zhambyl for an average repair of culverts. According to the contractor, by the end of November the work will be completed. By the way, repairs are being done to stabilize the flood situation in the coming year.

"The pipes were replaced at 13 and 14 kilometers to the village of Zhambyl. That is, all the waters that will flow in the spring, will be fenced off from the village, "said Akim of Karasu district Viktor Ionenko.

Akim of the region ArhimedMukhambetov reminded how difficult the floods were in the spring of this year and instructed to prepare the next year and other settlements of the region. The head of the region also visited Zhambyl basic school, where as a result of floods the yard suffered. Today this problem has also been eliminated and paving stones have been laid before the school, and the project was implemented within the framework of the Ruhanizhangyru program with the involvement of local entrepreneurs.

During the visit to the site the akim of the village of ZhambylDamirSharipov told the head of the region what other projects are being implemented within the framework of the program in the Karasu district.

"In the current year, within the framework of the" Rukhanizhangyru ", 26 projects have been implemented in the district for a total of 104 million tenge. Now six of them have been allocated from them, the total amount of financing is 79 million 950 thousand tenge. 72 enterprises of the district took part in the implementation of these projects, "said the akim of the village.

As a result of the visit, the head of the region thanked the local entrepreneurs who took part in the implementation of the projects, thereby contributing to the development of their native land.

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