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  • The akim of the region inspected the readiness of the equipment for the work of the upcoming winter season
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print version send email 4 Октября 2017

The akim of the region inspected the readiness of the equipment for the work of the upcoming winter season

During the trip, the head of the region visited three contract organizations of Kostanay, which are engaged in sanitary cleaning - LLP "Taza Zhol AT", "ABZ +" and "Veskor".

In the course of the conversation with the management of the company "Taza zhol AT" Archimedes Mukhambetov recalled that in 2015-2016 there was always a lack of equipment to clean the city of snow, which affected the movement of cars.

"In 2015-2016, the technology was not enough. In 2016-2017, we purchased additional 35 units of equipment for 454 million tenge. Over the past year, we have already coped more or less with our work, we have better cleaned. This year it is necessary to continue. And you need to buy 15-20 units of equipment in addition, the most necessary to buy. The city is growing, new microdistricts are emerging, so you need to expand, "said the head of the region

The akim of the region and the process of preparation for winter works at the plant of elevator equipment "Astyk" got acquainted. As Daniyar Kuzenbayev, Managing Director of the enterprise, noted, for 9 months the volume of output was about 700 million tenge. Today the enterprise employs about 25 people, but in the near future, with the opening of a new plant, it is planned to increase the number of employees by another 15 people. It is worth noting that the plant of elevator equipment "Astyk" for many years is a producer of agricultural equipment, including for grain elevators, mechanized currents, grain receiving points, and therefore the volume of production is rather large. "Now in the industrial zone we are building a number of factories. We will also build a plant for the production of gas equipment, it is necessary that our local Kostanai specialists build a frame of the shop there. You are just doing this, the quality of the products is good, the most important is that the cost price is not high, then you will have orders. Prepare, in 2018, the volume of orders will be large. Under the factories, the workshops the skeletons you will have to build, "Archimedes Mukhambetov said.

The head of the region visited "ABZ Plus" LLP. He warned contractors that all work should be started and completed on time. "It is necessary to prepare inert material in winter, by the end of April to start and for a summer period a large amount of roads to repair. This year, we repaired 48 streets for 5 billion 400 million tenge. Next year we will not reduce volumes on roads, "the akim stressed. He also noted that this year under the project "Kostanay aulary" was allocated 350 million tenge, which went to repair 82 yards of houses. "Next year, this volume should be increased three-fold. That is, we will triple the sum, "added Archimedes Mukhambetov. He also noted that in the next year there will be work to replace the pavers in the city center. "Near the" City Center "pavement laid out in 2000. It has already fallen into disrepair. Next year, the city needs 430 million tenge, so that at the "City Center", on the street. Baytursynov, change the pavement in the Central Square. Get ready, there is a lot of work, "the region akim concluded.

In general, as it was noted during the inspection, all enterprises have a good material and technical base, which is constantly being updated.

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