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print version send email 14 Августа 2017

Akim of the region inspected city boiler-houses

Akim of the region inspected city boiler-houses

Akim of the region, Archimedes Mukhambetov, visited the boiler house No. 3 and the central boiler-house - the Kostanay thermal power station. Preparations for the heating season are now taking place at two city boiler houses.

"Preparation for the heating season of 2017-2018 is going on as usual," said Askar Bekpaganbetov, the director of the KTEK. Of the eight major boiler repairs, four have already been completed. Until September 15 it is planned to execute the entire plan of the planned works. The head of the enterprise especially dwelt on the necessity of carrying out a pressure test in the city, at the same time he noted that they will try to make sure that the population is as short as possible without an important public service.

In the current year, KTEK has allocated 175 million tenge for the repair of the networks of the SCP, of which 68 million - money from investment programs, 106 million - borrowed funds.

In addition, during the visit to the central thermal power station, which provides heat to the center and the South-Western district of the city, Archimedes Mukhambetov noted the need to train future staff, focusing on the dual form of training, which is now being actively introduced by colleges in the region's enterprises. In conclusion of the survey of heat sources, the head of the region once again emphasized the need for the uninterrupted conduct of the upcoming heating season.

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