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print version send email 28 Ноября 2018

Akim of the region appointed Akim to the Auliekol district

On November 28, 2018, the Akim of the Kostanay region, A.B. Mukhambetov, in coordination with the deputies of the Maslikhat of the Auliekol district, appointed Kisykov Askhat Galymuly to the position of the Akim of the Auliyekol district.

A.G. Kisykov, 9. 09.1979 year of birth, a native of the Saga Dzhangeldy district of the Kostanay region. In 2000 he graduated from A. Baitursynov Kostanay State University under the major “Scientist - Agronomist”.

He began his career as chief agronomist of the state unitary enterprise Milisay, of the Dzhangeldy district. Over the years, he worked as the Akim of the Akkol district and the village of Zban of the Dzhangeldy district, the head of the Akim administration of the Uzunkol district, the Deputy Akim of the Karasu district, Atbasar district of the Akmola region, as well as in commercial structures.

From April 2016 until present, he has occupied the position of the Deputy Akim of the Auliekol district.

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