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print version send email 4 Апреля 2018

68.3% of school graduates in Kostanay plan to partucipste in the unt

As compared to the previous year, the number of graduates in Kostanay Region who plan to take UNT increased. However, this percentage is not high - only 68.3% of all school graduates in the region. This was reported by the head of the department Batima Daumova during the meeting of the Regional Educational Department.

As it was noted by B. Daumova, the analysis of the previous year's UNT results identified a number of issues needing to be solved as early as in this academic year. Among them - an increase in the number of graduates participating in the UNT. Increase the percentage of school graduates participating in the testing was achieved, but only by 14.9%. In the current academic year, 68.3% of graduates out of the total 4827 are planning to participate in the UNT, which is 14.9% higher than the number of participants in previous year (53.4% in 2017), said B. Daumova. However, a low planned proportion of participants is observed in a number of districts of the region - in Taranovsky (40.7%), Mendykarinsky (48.5%), Karasusky (50%), Uzunkol (50.5%), Denisov districts (51.6%), which has already become a systemic factor and indicates a lack of reasonable career-oriented workoccupational guidance. This year, 133 of 142 (93.7%) applicants for the "Altyn Belgi" sign plan to participate in the UNT, which is almost 20% higher than in previous year (73.5%). The remaining 9 applicants plan to enter the universities of near and far abroad, said the head of the department.

Department also considered the issue of pre-employment of graduates of the 11th grade. And as it turned out, this year 23.5% or 1135 of the total number of graduates plan to enter the colleges, 75.6% or 3650 graduates - higher educational institutions, of which 2914 plan to enter Kazakhstan universities, 671 - Russian universities, and 65 - in other countries. By the way, almost one half (48.3%/1407) of 79.8% (2914) graduates planning to enter Kazakhstan universities - associate their plans with the universities of the region. In previous year 89.8% of the region's graduates who participated in UNT received the right to study in the universities of Kazakhstan.

Analysis of the number of educational grants has revealed that one third (29.4%) of graduates receive free higher education today, and 1/2 (52.9%) of graduates made their choice in favor of the higher educational institutions of the region, added B. Daumova. As it turned out, grants for technical and pedagogical specialties were in demand in previous year.

It is planned that this year 200 educational grants will be allocated from the regional budget, 100 of which will be directed to medical specialties.

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