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print version send email 12 Марта 2018

200 million tenge contributed to the reconstruction of the air-strip of Kostanay airport

200 million tenge has been contributed to there construction of the air-strip of Kostanay airport, whereas over 8 billion tenge is required for these operations, according to the report of Akim of Kostanay region Arkhimed Mukhambetov made during the session of the maslikhat on the introduction of changes to the regional budget.

“Presently 200 million tenge was allocated to the reconstruction of the air-strip of Kostanay airport which had not been repairedfor 30 years”,the head of the region noted.“Certainly, thereissomebigdissatisfactionon the part of airline operators; many of them do not wish to start flights to Kostanay. Lastyearwebarelymanagedtoconvince “Aeroflot” to start the connecting flight “Moscow-Kostanay”. Ibe lieve that after the reconstruction the number of ways and flightswill increase”. Thus, according to Akim of the region, passenger flow, incoming and international tourism may increase.

Generally, the reconstruction of the air-stripwillcost8 billion 600 million tenge. Thus if 200 million tenge is allocated to these operations from the regional budget,the remaining funding will be provided by the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. “We commence there construction, and we hope to complete it by the following year”, concluded A. Mukhambetov.

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