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print version send email 6 Июля 2018

20th anniversary of Astana: Kostanay leases new apartment house sand launches mill complex

The Kostanay region celebrated the anniversary of the capital city with festive events. During the gala concert "Astana: the heart of Eurasia" akim of the Kostanay region ArchimedMukhambetov congratulated the citizens of Kostanay on the Day of the Capital City.

“Each of us understands the importance and splendidness of this megaproject of today’s world. 20 years ago the Decree of the head of state announced Astana as the new capital city of Kazakhstan. Now it is theheart of our Homeland. Thinking back to that time, we remember that there were many sceptics doubting effectiveness of this decision. However, there were even more enthusiasts”, the akim of the region noted.

During celebration the akim awarded famous and outstanding citizens of Kostanay the anniversary medal “Astana is 20”.

That day 120 families of the city moved into new apartment houses built in the residential district Airport. “Over the next years the number of apartments will only increase. Now, for example, we will overbuild the Bereke district, we are preparing the design and estimate documentation. That means that the pace of construction is very high. The most important is that thanks to wise forward-looking policy of the head of state, the Leader of the nation N. Nazarbayev welfare of residents of Kazakhstan grows every year, which is proved with implementation of a new housing programme “7-20-25”, said ArkhimedMukhambetov during the awarding ceremony. “The new program provides issuance of mortgage loans in several regions, which help to buy new apartments. The very first loans have already been granted to citizens of Kostanay.”

The head of the region also noted that according to the new programme, 10,000 Kostanay families with savings in the House Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan are already ready to purchase new apartments. Festive events continued with opening of the new mill complex Best Kostanay. Capacity of the new modern enterprise is about 700 tons per day. 

“Today, it is a significant day for our company – the opening of a new mill complex. We opened the first mill in 2009. Back then we had only 46 work places. Due to the governmental policy and the support provided for business, we have raised our capacity up to 1,300 tons per day in general. It is especially honorable to launch the complex on the 20th anniversary of Astana,” Director of the enterprise VivadiYusubov noted during the presentation of the complex. Head of the region ArkhimedMukhambetov expressed his gratitude to the founders for the work performed and the investments to this field. “I would like to thank the founders, who invested around 2 billion 800 million tenge in the project. It is direct foreign investments. Thus, it shows that our country, our region in particular, can be trusted to invest money. We have a developing favorable investment climate,” the akim said.

Within the holiday the festive bayga was organized on the hippodrome near Kostanay. The top prize, a car, was won by a participant from Kostanay. The second and the third place prizes were 500 and 200 thousand tenge. Participants from Astana and Almaty region won these cash prizes.

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