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print version send email 6 Июля 2018

Dear citizens of Kostanay!

I congratulate you on theCapitalDay, the 20th anniversary of the city of Astana, from all the heart!

Astana is the pride for Kazakhstani people. Despiteitsyoungage, itpassed a difficult and a time-consuming way of its establishment. Thatisaresultofagiganticworkofthenation’sLeader–Head of our state NursultanAbishevichNazarbayevand of a tremendous credit for each of the Kazakhstani citizens.

WithinashorttimeAstanahasbecomeamodern, compact, dynamically developing city with its unique appearance and architectural style, and it represents a symbol of growth, a brand of Kazakhstan on the international arena.Astanaisasymbolofunityandspirit of a multinational Kazakhstani people.

Todayourwonderfulcapitalservesasagoodinspirationforeach city and regional center of the republic.LetyoungAstanaprosperandbecomeoneofthemost wonderful capitals of the world.


On this festive day, I would like to wish you health, well-being and success in the workfor further prosperity of our sovereign state!

HappyDayof Astana city!

Akim of the Kostanay region

A. Mukhambetov

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