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print version send email 12 Марта 2018

Green buckwheat plantto belaunched in Kostanay Region

According to the correspondent of Kazinform International News Agency,for the first time in the regiona buckwheat production plant, including green, is scheduled to be launched inKostanay Region in 2019.

Thefirstbuckwheat plantin the region will be launched in Toguzak village in Karabalyk district. Fortoday 200 milliontengehasalreadybeen invested, the installation works for the production plant has been carried out. Itisplannedtoinvest 670 milliontengeto the project.Currentlythemanagementoftheplantexpectstheequipment, which has been purchased from“Agro-Simo-Mashbud” science and production associationas well as from “OLIS” LLC. Theequipmentalonecosts400 milliontenge.

AkimofKostanayregionArkhimedMukhambetovvisitedtheraisingproductionplant, whoassignedtheregionalmanagementofentrepreneurshipandindustrialandinnovativedevelopmenttoincludetheprojectinthe Regional map of investment projects and launch it in 2019. Addressing Head of the Regional Management of Entrepreneurship IssaKudabekov, the Head of the region ordered:  “The project commenced in 2015. It is necessary to carry out everything in a quality manner, no use to hurry. Thereforeyouwillhavetimeto hand it overnotthisyear,butnextyear. Themanagementofentrepreneurshipshouldmonitortheprocessandtheproject implementation period”.

Itshouldbenotedthatthespecificfeatureoftheplanned plant is that apart from the production of usual heat-treated brown buckwheat (steaming), there will be produced green buckwheat as well, which is popular outside the CIS. Consequentlytheproductionisplannedforexport. PresentlywehaveagreementwithUkraineand Poland. Weremindthatthefirstregional plantforsortingoutbuckwheat was launched in Kostanay region in December by Independence Day last year.

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