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print version send email 12 Марта 2018

Torgay geoglyphsto be fenced in Kostanay Region

Today during the operational meetingHead of the regional management of entrepreneurship and industrial and innovative development IssaKudabekov reportedthat it was planned to allocate about 17 million tenge for fencingthe territory of Torgay geoglyphs in Amangeldy district of Kostanay region.

According to the information of the regional department, during the current year in the framework of the Master-plan for tourist development 25 actions are provided, for implementation of which about 43 million tenge is required from the local budget. AccordingI. Kudabekov, therequestedamountexceedsthe funding of 2017, when about 9 million tenge was allocated. Theonlyproblemleftistheapproach of regional akimats to the implementation of the master-plan. “Onthewebsitesoftheakimatsthere uploadedunattractiveandirrelevantinformation with poor-quality photo materials about the objectsand sightseeing attractions of their areas. The specified work in the field is not performed. Neitheroftheareasisprovidedbyfinancialrecoursesto perform some actions, provided for bythe plan of actions. ExceptforAmangeldydistrictwhichprovided600 thousand tenge for the installation of polylinguistic dashboards next to Torgaygeoglyphs. Inaddition, AkimatofAmangeldydistrictdevelopedthe budget request for the allocation of 17 million tenge for fencing the territory of Torgaygeoglyphs, which was directedto the cultural department”, I. Kudabekov commented. AkimoftheregionArkhimedMukhambetovsupportedtheidea,however,he remarked that it is necessary to list the specific areas which do not get involved in the activity for tourism development in Kostanay region.

“Today thereisnoneedtospreadmoney,we do not have so much. We need to take three directions. The first is to get the objectsalong the lanes in order. The second direction is legalization ofahunting (trophy) tourism. Wedoknowthatmanypeoplearriveandremainanonymousbreaching the law. Thatiswhyweshouldlegalizeallthis, becausethisfurtherwillincreasetheleveloftourismin the region”,the head of the area believes. “Andthethirddirectionisuponoursignificantobjects:Sosnovyibor and NauruzumReservethat are famousfar beyond the area. It is necessary to improve their service. These are the three directions which should be worked on. Thus, for a start we will be able to increase the level of tourism development at least by 20-30%”.

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