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print version send email 19 Апреля 2019

Working visit to Altynsarin and Kostanay Districts

On April 19, Mayor of the region, Arkhimed Mukhambetov made a working visit to Altynsarin and Kostanay districts.

The first facility was a slaughterhouse of the APC “Temte” in the village of Shcherbakovo, Altynsarin District. This enterprise is engaged in slaughter and primary cooling of meat, as well as milking and making mare's milk (kumys).

Mayor of the region visited the mini-bakery of “SVM-18” LLP and the furniture exhibition hall of IE “Shalygin VM” in the village of Silantyevka, Altynsarin district, The Director of these enterprises is Shalygin Valeriy Mikhailovich. In total, there were 9 jobs created.

For example, a mini-bakery employs 4 people, about 4000 loaves of bread on average are produced per day.

The next place of visit was robotics room in the village of Silantyevka, it was established in 2018 at the base of the MI "House of Children's Creativity of the Education Department of the Altynsarin District’s Mayor’s office".

In total, 85 pupils are being educated in robotics, 3D modeling and the basics of programming.

In 2018, 1.6 million KZT was allocated from the local budget for the repair of the cabinet, and the cabinet itself was supplied and equipped by sponsors.

Mayor of the region held a reception of citizens at the branch of the "Nur Otan" party in Altynsarin district. During the reception, issues of bringing children to school, gasification, construction and repair of roads, as well as housing and utilities were raised.

Following the Altynsarin district, Mayor of the region visited the Sovkhoznaya village school in the village of Oktyabrskoye, Kostanay district.

Design and estimate documentation related to the major repairs in this school has already been developed.

Mayor of the region also visited a rural outpatient clinic in the same village.

Following the working visit, Mayor of the region gave instructions to the Mayors of the Altynsarin and Kostanay districts, as well as to the Heads of regional institutions.

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