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6 November 2018       


Outcomes of the socio-economic development of Kostanay region
during 9 months of 2018 as part of implementation of the
State of the Nation Address by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Central Communications Service held a press conference with the participation of Akim of Kostanay region, Arkhimed Mukhambetov, which was devoted to the outcomes of the socio-economic development of Kostanay region during the first 9 months of 2018 within the framework of the State of the Nation Address by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As it has been noted by the head of the region, the main macroeconomic indicators for the first 9 months of this year have a positive trend: the volume of industrial production has increased by 9.5%, in metallurgy – by 18.6%, engineering - by 15.7%, food industry - by 5.4%, the share of the manufacturing sector has exceeded 50% of the total production.

There is an “industrial zone” of 400 hectares is being created in the regional center. As early as this year 2 projects worth 3.3 billion KZT will be launched.

In addition to the creation of the industrial zone, Kostanay region is underway to create a cluster for the processing of agricultural products in Arkalyk, which has direct communication with Astana.

“In order to reorient Arkalyk’s economy from mining to processing, a project is underway to build a meat-processing complex together with 1000 tons feeding platform... This will contribute to the food belt of the growing capital,” has noted A. Mukhambetov

Kostanay region has a stable production growth in the agro-industrial sector. During the years of industrialization in the agro-industrial sector of the region, 205 investment projects worth over 78.5 billion KZT have been implemented and about 4 thousand new jobs have been created. This year year alone, 2 feed mills were commissioned by Transalpina LLP and AGRO-BIO-AULIEKOL LLP.

Kostanay region is actively attracting investment to the region. Thus, 166.1 billion KZT was invested with an increase of 10.6% in the economy of the region.

The domestic automotive industry continues to develop at a good pace in the region. Output from the beginning of the year has increased by 15.7%. In addition, Hangteng automobile Co. Ltd. plans to invest $ 150 million in the project for the production of Hangteng passenger cars.

In his speech, Arkhimed Mukhambetov gave detailed information on the progress of the implementation of the Five Social Initiatives of the President: it is planned to build 5 dormitories for 2,000 students in the region, 4.1 billion KZT is allocated for expansion of microcrediting (currently 772 microcredits were approved for the amount of 2.8 billion KZT), 8 settlements has been gasified (over the past 2 years), in the next 2 years 4 more settlements will be supplied with gas.

The initiative of the Head of State to increase wages has been supported by the majority of enterprises. The increase will affect more than 36 thousand people in enterprises with all ownership forms. In addition to increasing wages for low-paid workers, an increase in wages of 35 thousand workers is expected in more than 200 large business entities. Also, as part of the second initiative of the President, the tax burden for 57.2 thousand people is reduced in the region.

Particular attention in the Kostanay region is paid to the construction of housing. From the beginning of the year, 227.6 thousand sq. m with an increase by 17.0%. As part of the mortgage program “7-20-25”, 58 applications were submitted for consideration, 45 of them were approved. To partially subsidize the initial contributions for a preferential mortgage, 83.7 million KZT was allocated from the local budget. In general, it is planned to issue 352 loans during the year.

The akim of Kostanay region, A.B. Mukhambetov separately focused on the execution of the instructions of the Head of State for the implementation of projects in the framework of public-private partnership. In the region, 45 PPP contracts were signed in the amount of 17.0 billion KZT; in general, the work is being implemented on 68 projects with a total investment of more than 27.0 billion KZT. Due to this, there were built Futsal Arena sports complex, Power Sports Academy, sports and entertainment complex and football arena in Kostanay in the region. The construction of the Ice Palace for 2.5 thousand seats and a 50-meter pool in the regional center has been started.

More attention in the Kostanay region is given to digitalization issues. This year, the region has become a pilot for the introduction of digitalization in the agro-industrial complex and medicine. In the region there are Smart Factory, a butter dairy, a poultry farm, dairy and meat farm, as well as a system for intelligent control over equipment, etc. Practically, all medical organizations in the region (48 out of 51) have introduced DamuMed Medical Information System.

Within the framework of Rukhani Zhangyru Program, successful businessmen and philanthropists and natives of Kostanay region are implementing 153 social projects worth over 4.2 billion KZT. As a result, 21 robotics rooms and 24 information technology rooms were created in education organizations and institutions of the region, 45 social facilities were renovated and reconstructed, 36 settlements were landscaped, residential buildings and cultural facilities were built, 14 children's and sports grounds were arranged.

In conclusion, Akim of Kostanay region Arkhimed B. Mukhambetov noted that the key to the successful development of the region is the society of common labor, patriotism and personal contribution of each resident to the development of his or her native land.

Person in charge: Dinara Iossifovna Karymsakova - Head of Internal Policy Department of the Akim’s Office of Kostanay Region (Tel.: 87142-575354, 87777960050)

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