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print version send email 4 Октября 2017

Mausoleum of Ybyray Altynsarin distributed in the KostanayA region

Mausoleum of Ybyray Altynsarin distributed in the KostanayA region

The reconstructed mausoleum of Ybyray Altynsarin was opened in Kostanay region

In Kostanai district of Kostanay region, within the framework of the Teacher's Day celebration, the opening of the reconstructed Ybyray Altynsarin mausoleum was held.

The opening ceremony was attended by akim of Kostanay oblast Archimedes Mukhambetov, deputy akims of districts and cities, heads of regional departments and departments, student and pedagogical community, veterans of pedagogical work.

As akim of the region noted, this year in the region within the framework of the program "Ruhani Zhangiru" a number of events are carried out to perpetuate the memory of well-known personalities of the region. For example, on September 14, the Shakshak Zhanibek memorial complex was opened, September 15 - Keiki batyr.

"Today, continuing the tradition, after a large-scale reconstruction, we open the memorial complex of Ybyray Altynsarin. The developers of the project did a good job, especially I would like to thank the contractor in the person of Mangystau Restoration LLP. 81 million tenge was spent on restoration, paved the road, landscaped the site for 71 million tenge. Most importantly, we pay tribute to our fellow countryman, the great enlightener who, in difficult years, did a great job of opening schools, preparing textbooks, "said Archimedes Mukhambetov.

At the end of the event, the flowers were laid, and the traditional track and field run started.

It is worth noting that the building of the mausoleum consists of 1 floor, a total area of ​​68 sq.m., a height of 15 meters is made of limestone, the construction also used granite stone, from which the basement and stairs are made, the facades use decorative elements in the national theme, forged elements of windows and doors.

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