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print version send email 5 Октября 2017

Scientific and Practical Conference «Туған жер – Туған ел»

In Kostanay, the scientific and practical conference "Tugan zher - Tugan El" was held, at which the workers of the education sphere of the region were honored.

As the head of the region, Archimedes Mukhambetov, noted during the opening of the conference, today the Kazakhstani people face great challenges and Elbasy's Program article "Looking into the future: modernization of public consciousness" is one of the priority directions of the work.

One of the drafts of the article is the "Tugan Zher" program, in which, as the akim of the region noted, a great contribution is made by teachers. "Today, it is necessary to cultivate a culture of knowledge. This will allow us to become full-fledged members of the global world. Teachers of the region are in the forefront of solving global problems, including modernization of social development. This is due to a sincere desire to give our children, future generations the opportunity to be successful, purposeful, and in general, to promote Kazakhstan's advancement, "said Archimedes Mukhambetov.

Taking this opportunity, the head of the region congratulated all the teachers of the region on the Teacher's Day and held the ceremony of awarding the best workers in the field of education. For example, Gulsum Orazbayeva, deputy head of the education department of the Akimat of Kostanay, and Natalia Lenina, deputy head of the department of education in Rudny, were awarded the "Ybyray Altynsarin" badges. For a special contribution to the development of the education area, the breastplate "Honorary Worker of Education of the RK" was awarded to the teacher of the theatrical circle of the Auliekol School of Art Saltanat Ospanov. The prize of 100 thousand tenge and the statuette "Kalach" were awarded to seven people on seven different nominations on behalf of the akim of the region. A special monetary prize of 760 thousand tenge was awarded to a group of teachers who wrote new textbooks. By the way, as it was mentioned, Kostanay region is the only region of the republic, its teachers became part of the developers of these textbooks.

Also 38 teachers of Kostanay and Lisakovsk were awarded akim of the region, 7 educational and methodical complexes for preschool education were awarded for the second class in Russian language, reading and natural science, for the fifth class in Russian language and natural science. In addition, 10 workers in the sphere of education of the region were awarded 5 certificates and 5 thanks from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A regional diploma and a cash prize were awarded to 30 teachers of the region.

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