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print version send email 11 Мая 2018

Expeditions to the sacred places are organized for the Kostanay pupils

This year in the Kostanay region, special emphasis will be placed on the development of tourism and local lore work when organizing children's summer holidays. This was announced today by the head of the regional department of education Batima Daumova during the meeting of the commission for juvenile affairs

         This, according to the head of the department, is important in light of the implementation of the main tasks of the program “Rukhanizhangyru”. “The activity of ecological and tourist sites, school forestries, organization of local history expeditions along native land with visiting of sacred places of the region and development of tourist routes is planned”. B. Daumova informed.

 “In the system this work is delivered in the southern regions of the region: the city of Arkalyk, Amangeldy and Zhangeldiy districts, as well as in Auliyekol, Zhetikara, Karasu, Kostanay and Sarykol districts ". For example, in the Zhetikara district, within the framework of the project “Tuganzherim - altynbesigim” 350 pupils will make a tourist expedition with a visit to the historical and local lore museums, yurt auls. The result of the project will be the development of an interactive map of tourist routes of the Zhetikara district. The idea was supported by deputy Akim of the region Marat Zhundubayev, who noted the importance of the development of internal school tourism.

 “Last year there was EXPO-2017, children were sent there. We can send them to neighboring areas, we have the Naurzum reserve, sacred places throughout the region. We need to develop our internal school tourism. For example, a two-day trip to the city of Rudny, its sights, to visit the Sokolovsko-Sarbaiskoe Mining and Processing Enterprise. It will be interesting for children”, M. Zhundubayev believes. Also, in the area within the framework of the basic project “Olkentanu”, in the first days of June, it is planned to hold a regional meeting of environmental tourists, timed to coincide with the anniversary of the capital. “The continuous development of children in the summer season will be facilitated by the work of 2 thousand groups with the coverage of more than 34 thousand children and adolescents. All 21 robotics classrooms installed in education organizations in the framework of the “Rukhanizhangyry” and Digital Kazakhstan programs will operate in the summer period”, the head of the relevant department said. According to B. Daumova, the development of the competitiveness of the individual will also be promoted by the activities of summer language courses, schools of leader activism, Olympic reserve.

According to B. Daumova, in the summer period, employment of children of the group of risk should be on special control of education bodies and organizations, especially in several districts - Auliekol, Denisov, Mendykara districts, the city of Lisakovsk, where almost every second crime is committed by a teenager in the summer. And also, those areas where the risk of suicidal cases is increased during the summer holidays. “Our common goal is to prevent the growth of offenses and suicidal cases. Each region has to provide the activity of training platforms aimed at psychological support for children in need of it. The Department of Education has already launched the project “Center for the Prevention of Deviant Behavior of Adolescents”, and in summer the “There is a solution” project will be implemented to provide psychological assistance to adolescents through online counseling”, B. Daumova said. In general, according to the information of the department, the forecasted coverage of children with recreation and health improvement in the region is 95.3%.

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