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print version send email 11 Апреля 2018


In Kostanay, it is proposed to develop and launch a regional program to subsidize the repair and replacement of elevators. Such an order was voiced during the meeting on the development of the city of Kostanay by the Akim of the region Arkhimed Mukhambetov.

An issue on the financing of repair and replacement of elevators was raised by one of the representatives of local Consumer Cooperative of Apartment Owners. It appeared that many elevators in the city have not been repaired for more than 25 years. In this regard, the question was voiced, at whose expense the modernization of elevator equipment will be carried out in Kostanay.

The Akim of the city, Bazyl Zhakupov, responded to this question. According to him, today, there are 292 elevators in Kostanay, and the issue of financing their replacement and repair from the local budget was not considered. “The process of modernization of housing and communal services has been going on since 2009. As part of this program, we proposed to replace the elevators. But no complaints were received from the residents. The collection of money from the population was not carried out. There is no possibility that we could allocate money from the city budget to replace the elevators. Therefore, these issues need to be addressed together with the population, with the Consumer Cooperative of Apartment Owners,” B. Zhakupov said.

The Akim of the region Arkhimed Mukhambetov did not agree with this statement, stressing that today it was necessary to really assess the opportunities of citizens and local Consumer Cooperative of Apartment Owners. “People now cannot collect such money. The elevator does not cost one tenge. My instruction is: it is necessary to develop and adopt a regional program for these elevators. You know, most recently in Aktobe there was a case when the woman died because of the elevator. This situation can also be with us. Considering that they have not been repaired for many years,” the head of the region noted, “272 elevators - the volume is not big. The cost of one elevator is KZT 5-8 million. If the deputies support and approve this program in the future, some of the money will be compensated from the budget, some from Consumer Cooperative of Apartment Owners. They themselves will not afford it”.

According A. Mukhambetov, very soon a plant for the production of elevator equipment will be launched in the Kostanay region on the basis of the Industrial Zone, and it will be used for the implementation of the planned program.

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