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print version send email 9 Октября 2018

Archimed Mukhambetov: Key issues of the society life are reflected in the Message

In Kostanay, with the participation of the head of the region, Archimed Mukhambetov, a regional meeting was held to discuss the Message of the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, “Growth of the well-being of Kazakhstanis: improving incomes and quality of life.”

As the head of the region noted, the current Message is a relevant and important document, which is a logical continuation of the course pursued by the President since the first years of independence. “All the tasks set in this Message have real prerequisites, are deeply developed and provided with resources. It reflects almost all the key issues of our society life. Family and youth issues, housing and wages, local roads and housing and communal services, agriculture and ecology, small business support, social development, modernization of the judicial and law enforcement systems, these issues are all fundamentally important for every person. Thus, we see that the basis of this Message is the improvement of the social security of citizens. This is the factor that will mainly become an indicator of the quality of our work with you”, - the head of the region noted, opening the meeting. There were speakers for each of the areas. Sayran Bukanov, a veteran of work and a chairman of the regional public council, spoke on the development of agricultural production.

“Agricultural producers are set a large-scale task to fully realize the potential of the agro-industrial complex and to increase labor productivity and export of processed products by 2.5 times. We basically learned how to grow products. Yield in most farms in recent years has mainly increased, but due to inefficient pest control, low technical equipment, the lack or shortage of high-performance modern equipment, harvest time is delayed and farms suffer large crop losses (20-30%)”, - noted S. Bukanov. The agrarian believes that it is necessary to carry out technical re-equipment of agricultural enterprises and introduce modern technologies. “It is necessary that the Ministry of Agriculture takes into account the proposals of agricultural producers from the field, considering the existing unresolved problems, priorities have been identified, where to send these funds, where we can get the highest economic effect. Without technical re-equipment, agricultural enterprises are not able to introduce new technologies. In the next 5 years, it would be feasible to increase subsidies for the purchase of new equipment from 25% to 50%”, - he believes. The managing director of Zhas-Kanat 2006 LLP, the deputy of the regional maslikhat Kairat Maishev spoke on the development of SMEs in the region. “The initiative of the President to extend «the Business Roadmap 2020» to 2025 gives us a real opportunity to complete the initiated modernization and ensure the stability of business development.

Due to the initiative of the President, business support programs are being adopted; assistance is being provided within the framework of «the Business Roadmap». And our company takes part in them. In particular, we received support in terms of infrastructure provision, guaranteeing and subsidizing interest rates on loans, and in the framework of the “Agribusiness 2020” program - subsidizing investment costs. It should be noted that we were able to achieve today's results in response to the provided state support measures. These measures are very significant for us and helped not only to build a poultry factory, but also to develop its production facilities, which allow us to sell products in the region and in the republic, as well as export to the Russian Federation, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan”, - said K. Maishev. It was also discussed today about the implementation of the “Nurly Zher” and “7-20-25” programs in the Kostanay region. “Within the framework of the“ 7-20-25 ”program in the region, the second-tier banks received 49 applications for the amount of 392 million tenge, of which 39 applications were approved for the amount of 299 million tenge.

The head of the State ordered akims to study the issue of partial subsidization of initial contributions on a preferential mortgage from the local budget”, - Nurlan Katarbekov, head of the regional department of construction, architecture and urban planning, reminded. The President outlined the development of logistics and transport infrastructure in a separate direction in his Message. In the Kostanay region, the last year was declared the year of roads. Then, 28.8 billion tenge was provided for the development of transport infrastructure; in the current year, 35.5 billion tenge was allocated for the same purpose, with an increase of 23%. Also one of the most important spheres of social life that the President touched upon in his Message is education. The teachers of the region, as Galiya Urazambetova, the principal of the Kostanay Pedagogical College, noted in the course of the meeting, are deeply impressed by the proposals on the need to work out the remuneration system for teachers and other kindergarten workers, on revising qualification requirements and teaching methods. “To raise the level of pre-school education, a high-quality set of students is needed. Raising the wage of a caregiver is a good motivation for applicants.

The mission of the Pedagogical College is to prepare highly qualified specialists for the educational and cultural systems, to meet the needs of employers and parents, to develop functional literacy, social activity and moral and spiritual values. For this, the college has all the conditions. It stands to reason that our graduates are always in-demand specialists: today the net employment rate is 85%. The tasks and prospects for the development of pre-school education, raising the status of a teacher identified by the President of the country will strengthen the prestige of the profession and attract talented young people to the education system”, - the college principal said.

The words of support for the new course of development of Kazakhstan were expressed during the meeting by representatives of the healthcare sector and youth. As a result of the speeches, the head of the region gave a number of instructions. “We have important tasks that need to be done. In pursuance of the instructions of the Head of State on the need to bring spending on education and science, health from all sources of financing up to 10% of GDP, deputy akim Yerlan Spanov is to make a proposal on the redistribution of budget funds upwards to the fields of education and health”, - Mukhambetov instructed .

In addition, taking into account the fact that the 2019th was declared the Year of Youth, it was entrusted to consider the possibility of allocating additional funds for sectoral management and akimats of cities and districts for the implementation of youth policy. “Moreover, to calculate the additional need for the allocation of targeted transfers from the republican budget in connection with the planned increase in the minimum wage and salary of local health workers (20%)”, - A. Mukhambetov said. - Within the framework of the Message in the field of agriculture, the work will be continued to increase labor productivity and export processed products. As for the land, I assign Guez Nurmukhambetov (the first deputy akim of the region - editor's note) together with the akims of cities and districts to continue work on the withdrawal of unused land.” The deputy akim of the region, Sergey Karplyuk, was instructed, jointly with banks, to enhance work on the implementation of the «7-20-25» program, and also to study the issue and make proposals for the execution of the Head of State’s instruction on partial subsidization of initial contributions on a preferential mortgage from the local budget.

“In general, we all have a lot of hard work ahead of us. I urge to approach the solution of important tasks set by the Head of State with all the responsibility”, - the head of the region concluded.

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